My favorite RPs:
Note: All banners on this page are made by yours truly.

Reverant 20, one of the first RPs I participated in. It's where I met the group of friends I RP with now.
Summary: A greedy king launches a devastating attack on an allied city. Fueled by revenge, the surviving members of the band "Reverant 20" journey towards the kingdom to bring the king to justice. Along the way, they face many difficulties, and are constantly tailed by a mysterious, unknown force.

While I did not write this one, ownership of Adore has now passed into my hands, and it has quickly become my favorite RP.
Summary: The guild known as "Geist" is in constant opposition to the evil guild of "Adore". But when the leaders of Geist turn against the guild, the remaining members must band together to take down Adore and restore Geist to its former glory.

Remnants, the sequel to Reverant 20. I co-created this one, and now have sole ownership of it.
Summary: Twenty years after the events of "Reverant 20", the strange force that dogged the band has emerged, calling themselves the "Deathbringers". Now, a new group of heroes, together with some familiar faces, find themselves in a 1000-year-old struggle, with the fate of the world in the balance.

Crossfire, one of the newer RPs I'm participating in. Made by Amano Murokumo, and with a great bunch of writers, I expect this one to go pretty far.
Summary: A simple shooting contest, with the winner becoming owner of a brand new town. Something about that sounds fishy, and the participants are about to find out why.

Made by Amano Murokumo as a semi-sequel to "Adore". Both RPs can stand on their own, but a couple loose ends in Adore will be tied up in A&A.
Summary: As it turns out, Opal's death in Adore was not resolute. How he survived is uncertain, but he's now laying low on another continent, devoid of his former powers. But when a distant faction of the "Adore" guild rears its head, Opal is forced to start a new guild, "Charm", to deal with them.

Ah, Saturnine Sky. It was set up to be an epic adventure at one point, until it inexplicably died a horrible death. But no worries, it's been faithfully recreated, and looks to be just as good as the original!
Summary: Saturn, of Saturnine. A somewhat dreary city in a somewhat dreary land. The residents there live out their somewhat dreary lives, knowing that in just a few months, a massive tank known as the Juggernaut will arrive and decimate the city. But there is one person who has a plan to stop it, and it's his task to bring together a group of unlikely allies to do so. Alone, they stand no chance. Together, they just may save Saturnine.

Made by Amano Murokumo (duh); intended to be the culmination of all our RPs. Characters in AM can be taken from any and all of our group's previous RPs.
Summary: Amano Murokumo, a mysterious figure living in the center of a great crater in the land of Meoseiker. He's summoned warriors from all different lands to him, for reasons unknown. All they do know is that they are in for the fight of their lives.

An RP by Broken Alleluia. I have never seen a more engaging backstory to any RP, and I fully expect this one to become an epic.
Summary: A famous legend passed down through generations tells of the Lost Isle of Kallistia, whose inhabitants were slain for their vanity before the island vanished from the map. Now, hundreds of years later, it has been rediscovered, and a team of adventurers set out to map the island. But the evil that overran the isle in ages past still lurks in the darkness...

Yet another RP by Amano. This one focuses on the evilest of the evil characters we've created, Axel Adore! With some luck, it will not only become a prequel to "R20", but it may connect to "Adore" as well... (I'm not in this one; rather, I'm story advisor, as Axel IS my character).
Summary: Before he traveled to Kallistia; before he was master of the mansion; before he was a bloodthirsty villain.... he was, well, a bloodthirsty villain. Just a younger one. And he was about to become infamous. As the leader of the band "Black Cattle", young Axel Adore took a stand against the war... by slaughtering everyone involved in it. This is his story.

HELL YEAH, Adore's back, baby! Co-created by Amano and I, Shades of Black is the prequel to the greatest RP we've ever made; it details Aracnid's journey, becoming "Opal", and starting Geist. I WILL cry if it doesn't last long.
Summary: As Reimoorse burns behind him, the man called Aracnid kneels before a grave and vows revenge on the group that took his Junebug from him. A guild by the name of Adore. Fueled by hate, he and his mentor Lutious take a stand against the horrendous actions of the guild, inadvertently setting in motion the events that would rock the foundations of their world.
*DEAD ;_;*

It would've taken an RP of epic proportions to bring me back to Neo... and that's exactly what Rust offered me when he invited me to join Utopia. Everyone who joins has to bring not just a character, but an entire WORLD. It's gonna be crazy. Me like crazy. =D
Summary: What would happen if the walls separating this world from all the others collapsed? What if you suddenly found yourself in a different world entirely? When a Japanese scientist accidentally destroys the barriers between dimensions, people from every world imaginable are thrown together in the buffer world - the Shadow world. If they cannot find a way back home, the fate of all their homes will be in jeopardy.