always learning" my cpu is a nueronet processor," Arnold said
this games is like evercrack, just ten times better i say, i didnt know it had sucha high rating RunesOfMagic PC
this was like secret of mana, but instead of only having three characters, u could pick 3 out of 7....or so lol dont remember SeikenDensetsu3Import SNES
hey man, add me, always looking for buds to kill zombies with! and my two other buddies are really good Left4Dead2 X360
AFRO!!!! i liek the focus, kut people between the eyes! AfroSamurai PS3
this is where it all began for me in MH, i never liked part one too much to get into it. MonsterHunterFreedom2 PSP
lost it..... was at g rank. f@#$ing sucks ballz MonsterHunterFreedomUnite PSP
wut can i say, WHO DOESNT want to know the story behind the legend! CrisisCoreFinalFantasy7 PSP
i liked things bout it, only reason i played kuz its FF. FinalFantasy8 PC
one of the rawest FF. Period FinalFantasy7 PSX
pretty dope, really lush graphics, but nothing like 7 FinalFantasyXIII PS3
Trying to get platinum in all events, so far so good, need time! SOmething i dont have!

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