We all have our strengths and weaknesses. My strengths are as follows... -Intelligence -Adaptability -Imagination -Nev

Hello everyone. We all see threads about what the originator wants to discuss. But lets take this a different direction. Lets

Im looking for a UT WORLD08Lucario. I used to have one a while back ago but something tragic happened to the gamecard. Anyway

Im not sure if Crobat can learn Heatwave or if it only has it in the event. So to be safe ill just ask if any of you have the

Im bored out of my own skull right now. Someone toss me a challenge please. Double battle with normal rules. And im not exact

Hey everyone. Id like to start a rather controversial topic. Smogon VS Non-Smogon battling and gameplay. So to kick this off

Check out my latest thread in the battle forums to enter in my tourney! :)

Welcome to Blaze's Pokémon Battle Royal! The place where you can battle and really feel like a winner. Are you rea

WORLD08 Lucario Shiny Gengar Event The Rotom event (Not sure what exactly what the name of the event is)..... Any AS

I am holding a giveaway. The Concept here is simple. Guess what new mega ill be using in ORAS. Get it right and you'll ge

Im looking for some flawless shinies for a shop im trying to create. I need an inventory. Problem is that my inventory is lim

Seeking inventory for trade shop.
Check out my last thread in the Pokémon Trading Forums. I think you might like what you see. :)

Hey. im looking for a few flawless shinies. This is a list of what I am looking for. Shiny 6IV Adamant Mudkip Shiny 6IV

Hello Neoseeker. Im currently looking for a cloner. Someone who has a good bit of free time on their hands. I clone using two

Hello Neoseeker. Im back temporarily. Right now im borrowing a laptop. Anyways, Im looking for a rather complicated Pok&e

We all have our preferences when it comes to types. We all have types we love and then we have those types we just cant stand

Ok. I have something to say to anyone who honestly believes Pokémon is a kid's game. Let me point out a few things

I personally favor Doubles over all of the above. It just seems more interesting than 1 on 1. I love the rush when i have one

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