Hmm well there isnt much to say about me.

Don't watch much tv just youtube but these are my fav anime:

Death Note(It's great)

Fav video games:
Tales of... Series
and anything else I can't think of right now.

I like what I do and what I do is play video games. Video games appeal to me and so do computers and everything computer related here is a quote that I very much enjoy roughly translated and from memory though

My neofriends for now since I'm new are:
onilink65-one of my best friends in real life great at videogames.
KunaiSheik93-another of my good friends don't know much about him but hes nice and a good pal
fox93thefool-a friend in real life also hes nice but he annoies the hell out of me but hes a good friend


VideoGames and Computer games


Props to MindlessPie for my banner thanks a lot!!
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