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In nights darkness I ponder
the stars speck my thoughts
yet around them stays black
in the blackness I wander
it's the do's and do not's

All the stars make the do's
actions most would accept
the darkness the don'ts
fights you loose
soul reject

But I walk in the darkness
do the don'ts in my life
turn my loss into stars
we should make the nights brighter
forget pointless strife
'til there's nothing but stars
walk in the darkness
let's make the night ours
Woke up to this song on the Radio this morning...
I have the chorus to this song constantly replaying in my head, lmao, this song is too catchy.
I'm still debating on whether or not Poetry is something I should share on a site like this. >.>
Don't bug yourselves with wondering how Gotenks has so many posts, it's obvious he's some form of AI. :D
Guess who's back, and it ain't Slim Shady.... :D I'll be on a bit more, I got some stuff cleared up. YO. RANDOM SONG:
Working tons, but haven't forgotten my dear neofriends - I'll still to check in when I can! Love you all! Random song :
I'll probably be leaving here for a long while, I have a lot of things I need to tend to, love you all, and be safe.
Do you play pokemon showdown?
One of my forgotten favorites - found it.
I'm back, and I'm gonna kick some ass or chew bubblegum... and I'm all outta gum. B)
You want some music, this is what I've been listening to.
I geuss I'll take over the music posts.... ;D
You've been inactive for so long...... when you come back, you die >:)
Who wants to fight? >:D
Replay button hath been defeated.

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