May 21, 15 5:36pm
It's gloomy outside, and I'm sick. Cue Schubert.
Magnetar BIRO
May 20, 15 11:08am
Sir, im sorry to have to tell you this but.......I am going to need to arrest you
May 19, 15 4:35pm
Been feeling like hammered dogshit lately. I'll be more active when I can stand up without wanting to throw up. :D
May 17, 15 11:38am
It's not every day that you have an S3 Virge just sitting around to replace your GV-R96P256D when it dies, lmao... But I did. B)
May 11, 15 1:23pm
Did anyone else miss the Bohemia Interactive sale on Steam? DAMMIT MAN. I was gonna get ARMA 3.
May 11, 15 11:42am
Beats waking up to Slayer...
May 08, 15 1:05am
Just chillin'.
May 08, 15 12:27am
Aaaaaaaand.... BACK BEFORE YOU KNOW IT! 'Sup. B)
May 06, 15 10:48pm
Had a bit of family trouble come up... again... Will be innactive for a bit longer than anticipated.
Apr 30, 15 5:19pm
Reading about the Library of Alexandria has led to reading about tons of fascinating individuals. Learn something new every day, don't you?
Magnetar BIRO
Apr 30, 15 11:21am
I don't know im bored.....tho im always bored....HEYO!
Apr 27, 15 2:17am
Been offline lately due to spring cleaning, work and tedious Hardware issues with my PC. I'll be back to post about more inactivity soon. :D
Guildarts BIRO
Apr 27, 15 1:11am
biro man
Apr 20, 15 5:36pm
Them high hopes
Apr 16, 15 11:01pm
This fella knows where it's at
Apr 16, 15 9:36pm
Nothing quite like it... Here's a little piece of musical history for ya.
BIRO shared a news (@leochan)
Apr 15, 15 2:44am
Yippee?..... o.O

Unity Technologies confirmed during the keynote speech at its developer conference in Tokyo today that the Unity game engine now supports New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL. The engine will allow developers to take advantage of the platform's h...

Guildarts BIRO
Apr 13, 15 9:37pm
Magnetar BIRO
Apr 13, 15 11:00am
I absolutely L-O-V-E your backround wallpaper thingie...whatever its called, but its awesome!
Apr 05, 15 8:22pm
I've been really busy the past couple of weeks, but hopefully I'll be online more frequently next week. PEACE! <3

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