Woke up to this song on the Radio this morning... http://bit.ly/1v12cVQ
I have the chorus to this song constantly replaying in my head, lmao, this song is too catchy. http://bit.ly/16Nj45u
I'm still debating on whether or not Poetry is something I should share on a site like this. >.>
Don't bug yourselves with wondering how Gotenks has so many posts, it's obvious he's some form of AI. :D
Guess who's back, and it ain't Slim Shady.... :D I'll be on a bit more, I got some stuff cleared up. YO. RANDOM SONG:http://bit.ly/UyGsOq
Working tons, but haven't forgotten my dear neofriends - I'll still to check in when I can! Love you all! Random song :http://bit.ly/liqZRS
I'll probably be leaving here for a long while, I have a lot of things I need to tend to, love you all, and be safe.
Do you play pokemon showdown?
One of my forgotten favorites - found it. http://bit.ly/1Ak8zH4
I'm back, and I'm gonna kick some ass or chew bubblegum... and I'm all outta gum. B)
You want some music, this is what I've been listening to. http://bit.ly/1oZy78t
I geuss I'll take over the music posts.... ;D
You've been inactive for so long...... when you come back, you die >:)
Who wants to fight? >:D
Replay button hath been defeated. http://bit.ly/1kmNyFB
Jus' thought I'd post wut I be listening to... :D http://bit.ly/WLFIcG

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