Hairy Mistcrus erraybody! :D
Noob Advice #1 : Always sketch using an HB or 2B Pencil prior to using Charcoal as a primary. Word.

It occurred to me when posting a humorous comment in one of the Loungin' threads earlier, to ask this question : Do you e

I'm debating on what I should do with my crashed PC.....
Well, it's one of the better hangovers I've had in a while.... But it is just way too early.
PokeManiacY For your entertainment only, because "I have a very strange taste in music".
Because it's good. And good is, well... Good.
Trained the full routine in the gym last night. First time back in over a year. It's uncanny how many muscles I'm currently aware of.
Because it reminds me of a track on the Electric Warrior album by T-Rex. Can't recall which one, though...
It looks like at least five of the seven will probably make it, one of them is a "maybe" right now. Soon, I can sleep...
Life is like falling on a cactus. It hurts every time, and you can never get all of it out.
Hell. It's a beautiful thing. It gives meaning to the word "appreciation". Life sucks, cheers.
Got home, and all the pups have Parvo. Given three IV's, not looking good. FML...
Hope everyone had a good week, I'll be back home and online within the next couple of days, and get to my messages and notifs. Much Love! :)
Drinkin' my coffee to this... G'mornin'. B)

So, there have been thousands of theories as to how the world may end, but this is the best reason for world-wide collapse in

I want a wack-a-mole of George Lucas.

Here are examples of some I made specifically for this thread. Have fun, and be creative! (Seriously about the creativity. Ot

I love imprinting my handprints on stuff... Here, let me see your face for a second. *bitch slap* Work of art. Let's all be artists! :D

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