Coming at ya with some more kick ass jamz -
Pneumonia *bleep*ing sucks. >:{
I'm probably going to cover this song.
"Let's make a super addictive series of main-character death montages!" = Game of Thrones
Spring allergies are always the worst... :[
Had an interesting discussion with my grandpa, concerning programming. He explained to me how EBCDIC and Hexadecimals work[ed], and I JS. :D
Apparently Lactuca Serriola can be processed into a non-addictive opiate. What the hell.
500 posts! I think it's time for the Red Neon Beret.
Sorry Don, but I DON'T like dirty laundry. TO THE WASHER!
There's only one way to go from the top.
Apparently with the upcoming "Tamriel Unlimited" version of ESO, there are no longer monthly subscriptions required to play. Bravo, Bethesda
I'm thinking about getting a new Desktop rig. Any suggestions for the MOBO? I'm thinking the ASUS MAXIMUS VI Formula z87? Thoughts?
Woke up to this, today.
Welp, I think stuff's cleared up a bit. I ought to be able to get on here and there. It's good to be back!! :D
I think I may be absent for a while, again. Farewell, my dear friends
Watching Vikings, Game of Thrones, Cowboy Bebop, and Dead Space: Downfall all in the same night... Is there an award for that?

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