Jan 25, 16 1:52am
I remember why I left... LMAO when people can't have discussions on a forum website because nobody actually says anything... Problemo.
BIRO shared a forum thread
Jan 22, 16 7:12pm

This is an odd place to ask but not really sure about the Anime forum? Heh... I was (very strangely, I might add) sent a mess

Nov 19, 15 11:52am
What's up mother*bleep*ers, did ya miss me? :D
Sep 8, 15 9:58am
A good jam from '72. B)
Sep 4, 15 12:21pm
I wish I could play this on a loudspeaker. I think it would sound incredible as a serene echo.
Sep 4, 15 12:05pm
I think the only person here who truly might appreciate this is Mister MacPhisto
Sep 2, 15 1:35pm
A stringed universe in a single eargasm.
Aug 23, 15 3:06am
The sleep is a lie, coffee is king.
Aug 22, 15 9:14am
It's a chill morning. Tea and Jams. Word.
Aug 19, 15 10:03pm
This is too much awesome at once
BIRO shared a news (@Avalith)
Aug 18, 15 8:39am
What a pleasant surprise. They're going to have to deliver some major power-per-dollar performance for this to realistically squeeze in-between the 700 series cards and the 960, tho.

$579 for a GTX 980 is beyond the budget of many PC enthusiasts. For the price conscious consumer, there was the GTX 960. The 960 is no longer the budget card for the GTX 900 series, as reports have all but confirmed that a GTX 950 card will be availa...

Aug 11, 15 9:08pm
Aaaaaaand now I need to change my pants.
Aug 11, 15 4:07pm
Apparently one of my PM's is shy. It says I have 2 new ones, but only one is showing up. Come on li'l fella. Show the *bleep* up. :3
Aug 2, 15 3:06am
The 5350 Kabini is the cutest *bleep*ing quad-core I think I've ever seen. Why in the world was I not aware of it until now?
Jul 31, 15 5:12am
600 posts... Mixed feelings on that one. @_@
Jul 19, 15 10:13pm
Going to be inactive again, I'll message you folks back ASAP. Peace, out. <3
Jul 16, 15 1:46am
What the literal cuss.
Jul 13, 15 5:28pm
Little did you know that the Mosquito would replace us as the ruler of Earth. The day is coming. They keep getting bigger. O_O
Jul 11, 15 4:02pm
If you're going to run barefoot, Isopropyl Alcohol, Vaseline, and Duct tape are your best friends. HighOnEndorphins


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