Agent C BB_Brona
Dec 5, 10 11:24pm

Because you're one of my best friends, and you're god damn awesome, you get this:

Thanks for being so awesome ;D
GBoy BB_Brona
Oct 1, 10 3:44am
I don't know much about you but I looked at all the previous threads of The Party People and it looked like you were the coolest person in the thread. You live in France and speak good French which is awesomesauce and you were the founder of The Party People's photo competition. That's all I know about you. I also have a few questions to ask and I hope I don't cross the line by asking them.

1) Why did you leave The Party People clan? You had so much fun with Melanie and the others in the clan and it would make the clan better than before if you came back.
2) Porquoi as-tu habite en France?

That's enough of me invading your personal life so I'll leave you WIIIITH...

Neon Rainbow BB_Brona
Nov 3, 09 3:18am
I know I'm an evil traitor. XD

Anyway, YOUR welcome & instructions say I get TWO cookies if I leave a stamp.

And if you lied, I will be MAD at you.

Anyway, sorry about the whole traitor thing. *gives cookie*
Thernon BB_Brona
May 29, 09 10:43pm
OMG! You're so the coolest person I've ever met ~
BTW, can we meet in Animal Crossing : WW? Just a question, its up to you to decide ...
NextHanna BB_Brona
May 10, 09 10:45pm
Hi Brona! Stephenie's Stamp Spree! Well, here you go!

Michael Penance BB_Brona
Oct 13, 08 3:24am

I hope you enjoy your new Neo-Home, and get it up-and-running soon. Oh, and I get two cookies.
Cheatergirl007 BB_Brona
Oct 2, 08 12:30am
Hi! I just added u as a neofriend! I like ur avatar. Go Homer!!!
Anyway, this is a stamp someone did for me when I was friends with Nibbles in AC:WW.

Hope u like it!!!


(PS- If you like rubber ducks, please send me a pm. I can go on that subject for hours.)
Renkyu BB_Brona
Sep 24, 08 1:52am


I noticed pearl's stamp was STILL done wrong so I reposted it
Renkyu BB_Brona
Sep 24, 08 1:50am
Is your name really Brona? Cool.

Thanks for teh cookie

IRISH MANNN? Sweet. I'm Irish too. Except I've never been there. And I don't have much of an Irish accent. But... my name is kinda Irish.


Here's to a good life for ya!
pearl_girl BB_Brona
Sep 23, 08 10:26pm
hello Brona wat u doin...? lol sign me back please opps i did it wrong sorry lmao lol

pearl_girl BB_Brona
Sep 23, 08 10:25pm
hello Brona wat u doin...? lol sign me back please