Aug 19, 13 3:29pm
Come along Pond
Mar 19, 12 1:44pm
Help me trend #AlwaysChooseLife for suicide awareness on twitter.
Feb 18, 12 6:41pm
You can fall for pretty strangers, and the promises they hold.
Feb 11, 12 4:32pm
Not being in a relationship on Valentine's day because you're too busy being a penguin.
Apr 7, 11 12:28pm
HOODIE HAS ARRIVED! Yeaaaay! Off to Ireland now. See you in 4 days! :D
Mar 31, 11 10:43am
Mar 31, 11 10:43am
Mar 27, 11 1:50pm
is dying for her Doctor Who hoodie to arrive.
BB_Brona blogged
Mar 27, 11 1:49pm

I'm dying for the new Doctor who series to start! It's not until the end of April though ;-; *has a sad*

I'm listening to Chameleon Circuit's Trock songs (TimeLord Rock). I've been reblogging loads of Doctor Who related posts on Tumblr.

Ordered an epic hoodie yesterday, it's black, and it's got the weeping angels on it with the caption "The Angels have the police box".

Downloaded an audio book of Doctor Who read by Matt Smith, on to my ipof, for a rainy day when I'm stuck on a long car journey. :)

If anyone feels like sending me a sonic screwdriver, a fez and a mop, that'd be epic.

I'm trying to get a name change on Neo, but I can't pay for it. So I'm uploading a lot of fanart and stuff. If anyone has a name change that they don't want let me know, or if someone's giving away a free name change, let me know please.

Watch this video, it's beautiful. I cried. Youtube Video

Getting pokémon white today. YAY.

doctor who music other musingsthoughts tv and shows technology neoseeker related gaming related youtube
Mar 27, 11 11:46am
Mar 27, 11 11:45am
Mar 27, 11 11:45am
BB_Brona blogged
Mar 4, 11 11:03am

Thought I might post here again just for the lulz.

Anyway... Let me see.
I'm still in France. Hate it. Can't wait to return to Ireland, or the Land Of Leprechauns as my friends call it.

Those are Neon Rainbow, Amelia Jayne, Steven and Agent C btw.
One of the only things keeping me somewhat sane.

I've not been posting a lot on Neoseeker because I've made my own forum.
Discussion Central, check it out if you have time. Thanks.

Anyways, I've been reading a lot, in English, that's also been keeping me sane. I'd say 90% of the books in this house are mine.

Recently got Wii Party, it's good fun. Great game to play with friends, especially if you have a lot of wiimotes and you play the hide and seek game. Haha.

Btw, I'm now officially a Doctor Who fangirl.

I finally bothered my arse to download Firefox. Yeay.

Been playing Pokémon Platinum again. After about 5 months of neglect.

Well I'd write more boring crap, that would probably send you to sleep, but I've to go eat, so I'll leave it at this.

Bye everyone.

wii pc ds other musingsthoughts tv and shows books technology neoseeker related gaming related
Jul 12, 10 6:37pm
Om nom nom nom
May 15, 10 1:53am
is as sick as a small hospital. :(

Bróna :)

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