I'm an aspiring bodybuilder and illustrator who games about 65% of the time. I generally tend to play copious amounts of video games, read Manga, and I have just recently gotten back into the habit of drawing and am trying to modestly improve my skill. I'm a guy who's usually down-to-earth and sometimes aloof, and I try not to take things to seriously. You're doin' it wrong if you do.


Favorite Genres: Action-RPG, Hack n' Slash, Adventure.
Favorite Games: Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Kingdom Hearts Series, Devil May Cry Series, Jet Set Radio Future, Persona 4, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, and TWEWY, to name a few.

- When it comes to comes to gaming, I believe strongly that a game should be challenging, engaging, and rewarding, so difficulty is an important aspect for me. I tend to enjoy being modestly challenged, but not to an extreme.

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