Combo system is very unique TheLegendOfDragoon PSX
Wow.. I liked the story.. plus, the job system is fun.. but the best is cloud FinalFantasyTactics PSX
Good game with good music.. Zidane?? he's not worth to be a main character.. FinalFantasy9 PSX
love the graphic, the story, the characters.. I wish the story is longer ValkyriaChronicles PS3
Rita Mordio beat them all... too bad there's no Flynn TalesOfVesperia X360
Hah, another easy game.. I love the reyvateil.. they're cute ArTonelicoMelodyOfElemia PS2
Why it isn't full voice?? Then the music is sucks too, but I love the story Suikoden3 PS2
Yeah, suikoden with beautiful graphic and gameplay.. but why the battle seems so easy for me? Suikoden5 PS2
The first RPG game that I loved.. Flik, you are my man.. Suikoden2 PSX
Overall a good game.. I like blitzball..hehe Besaid aurochs the best FinalFantasyX PS2
This is a good game.. I love the chain attack.. and of course, FLAY my man kicking anyone ass.. ManaKhemiaAlchemistsOfAlRevis PS2
The story is suck, but the battle is very fun.. Maria kicking ass, yeeaah.. StarOcean3TillTheEndOfTime PS2
The story better than SO3.. Overall,this is a good game.. I love the graphic though StarOceanTheLastHope X360
Man, this is an awesome game.. I love it the story, the characters, the sidequest.. everything so fun TalesOfTheAbyss PS2

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