When I'm through with you, you'll be found dead in your garage.


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Sorry about the earlier entry... my bad. anywho:
hope u like my pic

hope we can be friends in da future now sign back plz

Hey do u come from Reading i do i've got a season ticket 4 reading woo hoo we're top of da league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey man. Where have u been? haven't seen u in a while on the CM forums... Just wanted to say hey, and hope to see u around...
Hey dude I saw you in one of the Music forums and noticed you like a little bit of NIRVANA. I love nirvana especially k.cobain. I'm a big fan and am wondering if you are too. if you'd like to, sign my guestbook. I'm new to this site so i don't know really why we have guestbooks but anyway check in on me dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-the el nino yo jones
Is is possible to be teleported to a chao garden by going to heroworld and grab the best angel chao,stand in the middle of the fountain and while pressing x,y,you hit a,a,a,b,a,b,l,l,r,a,b,and the garden had 1gold and silver egg ???
Is is possible to be teleported to a chao garden by going to heroworld and grab the best angel chao,stand in the middle of the fountain and while pressing x,y,you hit a,a,a,b,a,b,l,l,r,a,b,???
Whats up chief, just droppin a line to say keep it up in the Open Mic thread. Maybe us 3 kings(u, me n beast0 can shut this shiz down..

Take it Ease
Hey old pal...juz sign yours for fun...i hope u come back to neo and mod CM01/02..we miss you...

Remember to sign mine m8!
Just signing your guestbook, I think you will do a great job as CM4 mod. Good luck for the future my friend,

All the best,

Devoted friend and CM lover,

wow, an unknown mod to the most popular(but dead ) PC forum...ah well, thought i'd stamp here...

Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.

Hey Az, just dropped in to stamp you, now you sign mine.

Yo Balde. You are a great member/mod of Champ Man, and I hope to see ya in CM4

Every week I see a new forum under you're name of which you moderate...MAKE YOU'RE MIND UP

Oh well, I'll be seeing ya

I couldn't help but to look in the forums you moderate and notice the terrific work you have been doing. You are a great moderator. You love to help people out whenever you can.

You have lots of work having the forums to moderate that you do, but you still do terrific work. I don't think everyone sees how truly hard your moderating job is. Well, I still wish to see you around in FFX as well as more forums.

See you around,
I can't believe i forgot you man. I remember when i met you on PSO back in the day. You were so cool back then. I know we haven't talked much lately but your a good person. I'll see you around
Ah yes, that certain member known as Hysteria that I sorta had a rant at..
Your a great member man, great mod, thats for sure, along with all the experiance, I am surprised your not a S-Mod!
Thought I'd drop by and sign the SECOND top contributor to Neoseekers book, I remember when you modded GTa3 mate those were the days NOT. Glad to see you are still a great mod well back to Contributing. Later
Hey, I haven't seen ya for a while! Course, that's probasbly because I haven't been here for a while... Anyway, just thought I'd pop by and see how you're doing.
See ya later mate!

Hey Az, you've been here a long long time, the man of many accounts. You had to leave for a while over the Christmas period and I really got to know you better around March/April time. You're a great guy and a member who has stuck with neo for a long long time. I respect that. Good luck in your future neo career. Over and out.

I thought I signed this thing...

Anyway, your a great member blah blah..great mod etc.

Seriously, thanks for requesting me as co mod back in December, very much appreciated.

Later, Random
Well, I just thought I would drop by and sign your Guestbook. We wont forget the old school people from GTA3 forum like you and fanatic. latez, El Rey aka gs4_us