Hi Kaye, My name is Kevin. I wrote you a P.M. the reason being because we have a lot in common. If you want to see exactly what I mean then read your Private Message that I sent to you. My phone number is 609-705-4919 so feel free to call me sometime or txt msg me, cause I also live in New Jersey in Southern New Jersey.

You can see several pics of me at my website at.. Showell.org
*from the shadows

I want my prize


just thought i would sign, feeling in the spirit and all, happy valentines day!

you seem really cool! hope we can be friends! anyway!

From ~*CP*~
xix Happy Holidays xix

Wishing you the merriest Christmas!

!~Be naughty and save Santa the trip =3 lol

xix Den-den xix
lol well yah its been a long ass time since ive talked to ya. but dont expect to stay around on neo i was juss looking for something and i thought i would pass by and sign so ill ttyl

Awesome! I love Google! Try these: type in Elgoog or type in Failure and click I'm feeling lucky.

Umm... Yeah. Guestbook. Right. Thanks for signing mine BTW. That's why I am signing yours. My Slogan:

Hi you signed my book so i thought i aughta sign yours:D when do i get my prize?

Uhhh XD hey! Weee Stampeh your g-book XD

There you go pretty and red XD

Here you go do teh spinning chair thingy XD
WARNING: Thise might lead to a whole bunch of diziness X3

Den-den ^-^
Hey AznJerzyGirl, I have seen you around the Forums before so I thought that I would sign your GB.

Sign back if you want and feel free to PM me.

From the one and only,
Hey there,

You signed my guestboook, and anyone who signs it gets a free, once-in-a-lifetime return signing

Btw, you were the one who Google my name, that was kinda funny
I don't know you at all, but I saw your post in the "Is your Guestbook Popular" thread and I decided I'd sign it.
Happy late birthday, dude. Where's my prize?

Seen you around the forums, and you post in red. That's hot. Real hot.

So anyways I'm off to sign some other totally random person's guestbook, so I'll talk at you later.
Hi u signed my book so why don't i sign yours?

hey there AznJerzyGirl, I googled your name and I got this:

I want the prize...

do i get it?
do i get it ?
do i get it?
do i get it ?
do i get it?
do i get it ?

here is a stamp just for you! I thought I gave you it.
So what do I win? ^^ Please don't say it's a well done.
Here's the picture/stamp

See you round Azn.
Now it's my turn to look your name up on google and stamp your guestbook with something that came up.

Haha, you're in that picture, aren't you? I thought it was pretty funny that it came up on google. Anyway, it's been fun getting to know you. You're one great Substitute teacher.
Hey, I just thought i'd sign your guestbook. It gave me something to do.

Please sign back.

Your favorite kitchen appliance,


Sorry about the last picture... Well anyways, heres a new one for you.
Heysa Happy Easterxorz!
U've been signed by
Look at this funny picture and sign back:

It's not me...

I hope you have the perfect Easter

With lots of wonderful choclate eggs

Theres also religion involved so don't get greedy

And again don't forget to enjoy it.
Try to go easy on the choclate eggs.
And while your at it spread the happyness
Stampped by the one and only
Heeeeeyyy...aaaaa!!! Mmm cha mmmm cha.....hey..ahhh!!! Love that song. ANyway I decided to stamp people's GBs today..and ur lucky number..~*counts fingers*~..umm NEVER..MIND!!! LOL hope ya likes it