I told a friend
that I cant do it
I cant go back to the past
and try and start over

so I'll ignore this pain
and push her away

slowly I told you...
I was ok. Its ok.. it was ment to be this way
but all I wanted was to hold you and say
stay with me oh baby stay with me

I faught the urge to cry for you
fearing you wont shed a tear
so I'll ignore this pain
and push you away

night after night
I dream this dream of you
ending in tears and nightmares
why cant I let you go?!

Oh God! why cant I stop crying
why cant I stop hurting
why cant I stop living, oh God...

lighty, lighty I whisper your name
over and over...
so I'll ignore this pain
and push her away

bringing this gun to my head
I'll scream until my eyes bleed
just for everyone to know my pain
why cant I let you go...


that day you left me
replying over and over
that overwelming slow torture
this love I cannot forget

help me, sweet angel
heal my wounds
bleeding from my heart

angel please dont cry for me
please dont pitty me
all I want is you kiss
holding me lightly

hold you tears, hold your tears
Ill wait for your return
for eternity and more

hoping youll come back to me
sit back
and let me kiss you gently
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Well this game was overall pretty good. It has good potential of a great Final Fantasy Game. With the new Battle System and the Job System it was fun to play. With all these changes to these new FF games I wonder if they'll ever go back to the...

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