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Jan 20, 09 6:11am

NOSRSLY, any takers?

Anyhow, The entire heading leads me to my recent emotions of EXTREME FEAR. (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN!)

I think all my fear started around last Summer (?) when i was going on holidays... on a plane. This wasn't my first air journey, nor do I intend it to be my last, but for the entire thing, and some time beforehand, I had horrible feelings that something bad was gonna happen. Obviously it didn't, but that was the starting point of a series of horrible fearful experiences that really never needed to happen.

The entire problem returned about a month or two later, when I was at home, alone, playing teh Pianoforte. I randomly started hearing rhythmical creaks coming from the stairs, one after the ohter. All manner of fearful thoughts started running through my head - Is that a robber? Am I going to die? Does that bottle of holy water have a hand hole? Turns out it was my brother. He thought it was hilraious. I thought i was gonna die.

SO ever since then, any time I'm at home alone, and even when I'm not, and I hear creaking noises, which is alot, I think there's someone there, but there never is. It's really starting to get annoying, and tends to come and go from week to week. I think I need to see a psychologist...


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