Nov 28, 10 10:00am
`Baby it's the last Eventide, so love me before I'm lost`
Apr 19, 10 12:57pm
Love means a loyalty that never dies
Sep 1, 09 9:44pm
AyraCalaenlen blogged
Jun 10, 09 1:11pm

Yeah, decided I might as well do this every once in a while. I journal a bit on my deviantART, but I honestly know more people around here I think xD Anyways.

In about three hours I shall be taking a bike ride down to our nearby park in order to play Quidditch >3 My school organized a summer tournament, and this is the first one so far but we're hoping to make it a yearly tradition. Did anyone know they actually had rules laid out on the internet and such for playing it? xD I didn't think it was possible with out brooms, but this should be really fun =3 It's sort of set up as a mix between basketball, soccer, dodgeball and -- for the Seekers -- ultimate frisbee.

And the snitch is awesome XD It's basically a frisbee, but there's hald a styrofoam ball glued to the top and painted gold with paper wings glued on beside it.

We're trying to get enough players to get all four house teams and have a full out tournament =3 If so though, I would just like to say the following"


I was going to root for Slytherin just to be funny, but my dad's girlfriend would murder me in my sleep I think seeing she hates Slytherins with a passion xDD Diehard Harry Potter fan, but no mercy for the serpents apparently.

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Mar 16, 09 4:09am
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