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Oct 20, 09 9:18am
Brain and brain! What is brain?!
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Dec 6, 08 10:09am

Well, Tainted (and a few others) figured I should put up a picture of how my face currently looks. To be honest, I think having swollen cheekies makes me look quite a bit younger. Heck, maybe I could even pass for a 12 year old! 8) Unfortunately I had to go out in public earlier to get some cold things for my mouth that weren't dairy related (who needs ice cream when you can have sorbet!), and I felt very awkward walking around like that! Nobody really paid any attention, for all they know I could look like this normally. I'll be very happy once my face goes back down to a normal size, and I can actually open my mouth without causing something to bleed.

Clicky for the picture.

I promise that this will be the last entry based just on me whining about the surgery and what it's doing and blahblah. :P Feel free to laugh at my new and interesting appearance!
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Dec 5, 08 2:00am

Well, this whole thing definitely hasn't been as bad as I thought it might be!

I ended up getting to my appointment a bit early, which didn't matter because they ended up getting me into my actual surgery earlier because of it. I had to sign some release forms (just so I couldn't sue them if they killed me by accident!). After the lady left with the forms, a nurse came in to give me my IV. The needle tube thingy that they stick into your arm for the IV is huge! Needles don't bother me, but I actually had to look away because of the size! At first she just gave me something to relax, but she didn't tell me when she was putting the actual stuff into the IV to knock me out. I remember the surgeon coming in and I talked to him a bit, but I can't really remember what I was saying because the medicine was coming into affect. I think I was trying to tell him that I've had two surgeries with him like five years ago, but I couldn't really talk and the last thing I remember was mumbling 'sorry' because I couldn't concentrate on what I was saying. The next thing I knew I was waking up. I had been under for a while, an hour I think... so by the time I was aware of what was going on, I had actually been 'awake' for 20 minutes. I suppose they have to monitor you as you wake up to make sure everything is alright. The person who was coming to get me wasn't there yet, so they brought me to another room to lay down for a bit. While I was there the surgeon came in to tell me that everything went great and that if my pain didn't start going away in the next couple of days, then I'd have to go see him.

Once my ride arrived, the nurse went over what I should/shouldn't do, and gave me a syringe and extra gauze, as well as my prescription. Oh, and she also gave me two of my teeth in an envelope. Those things are huge, I was actually sorta surprised. Then I left, with some help of course... you are sort of woozy it for a while after being put out haha. We went to get my prescription which unfortunately took an hour, so by that time the aesthetic was beginning to wear off! Once I got home, taking the medication was a real pain... I couldn't feel my face at all or my tongue, so I kind of had to sip water through a straw, look in the mirror to make sure I actually had enough in there, then tip my head back and put the pills in. It definitely took a few tries! Then I went to sleep and have been sleeping until not that long ago.

My mouth seems to be doing quite well right now. At first it was hurting a lot, even with the narcotics, and I had to keep an ice pack on the side of my face to help with the swelling. I went through tons of the gauze, but right now I don't even need it anymore! It hurts a lot of I try to talk but other than that it's good. I can't wait until tomorrow when I can warm foods such as soups and scrambled eggs, because right now I'm stuck drinking protein drinks and cold stuff.

Thanks for all your comments yesterday guys, I appreciate it. Looks like you were right about the whole thing Art. :D I heard that your mouth heals faster if you were put out for the procedure, so I guess that's true. My wallet is sobbing because of how empty it is now, but I should be getting some of my money back because I have benefits, so that's a relief. I'm just glad to have everything over with, and not having to worry about wisdom teeth ever again.

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Dec 4, 08 1:30am

Hello fellow Neoseekers!

As I sit here, I cannot help but dwell on the fact that in 15 hours or so, I shall be having four of my teeth surgically torn out of my face. Okay, well really it's not that gruesome! The time has come for me to get my wisdom teeth removed. Finally I might add, I made this appointment nearly five months ago. I'm not too nervous as I have had two mouth surgeries before where they have removed teeth (yay, the joy have orthodontics and all things that come along with it!), I'm just more so cringing at how empty my wallet is going to be after the procedure. I've already stocked up on soups and puddings and the like for the assuredly painful days that are to follow. The oral surgeon told me that the top of one's mouth heals quite quickly, it's the bottom which causes you all the pain. He took a look at my xrays and luckily there is no chance of them hitting the nerve during surgery that runs along one's bottom jaw, but my teeth are close enough to it that the swelling will put pressure on it and my lips will be numb for a while. That sounds like a barrel full of fun!

So, I'd like to hear about your wisdom teeth experiences if possible. How long did it take for your mouth to feel in decent shape again? What sort of medication did they give you (yes, I am curious about that! :o).

I hope that one day humans will evolve to no longer need wisdom teeth, because they are pointless and make wallets cry.

By the way, I switched back to being pink again. I just adore pink too much, plus the protesters attacked me. I'll leave purple to Quierta from now on!

cute meraid musingsthoughts
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Nov 29, 08 7:25am

I finally decided to really try tonight, and I managed to get the layout of my blog looking alright. To be honest, it looks like someone stumbled onto this page and threw up a nice range of different pink coloured bubble gum, but that's all part of the appeal. If you even like bubble gum that is!

Well, I don't really have too much to say honestly. I just wanted to brag about my not so amazing accomplishment, harhar.

Oh actually, there is something! Do any of you deal with UPS, or have you dealt with them in the past? I have heard some horror stories about them and I'd like to know if things went alright for you. As it stands now, a package that I was supposed to receive today never showed up, and when I tried to track it down online the website greeted me with:


Funny, considering UPS didn't show up today, and if they did someone would certainly have been home (and most likely not have sent UPS away to return on a later date! Hmmm).

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Nov 26, 08 10:08pm

I might as well just make one little blog entry. :)

To be honest, I'm more interested in messing around with the CSS and making my blog look pretty than actually writing anything decent. So if you're looking to get some dirt on me you won't get anything... for now anyway!

So yeah, just needed a post to see what the text and stuff looks like with the CSS I have put in. Have fun watching my CSS fails guys.



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