I feel like Sho Minazuki originated on Deviantart.
Testing out the new avatar. Spiffy.
I'm thinking about picking up Ultra Street Fighter 4 next paycheck. Is this a good idea?
*gets out sponge and starts scrubbing* It's time to learn Kokonoe.
*stabstabstabstabstabstabstab* Only a fool would challenge me at my own game.

I'm working on my team once again, and I decided to start with the most stylish member first, which happens to be the onl

Charge characters. UUUUUGH
Nothing's more sad than skilled players that ragequit whenever they get beaten.
Flyer than an ostrich moshin' in a tar pit...

So for the past couple months, every time I turned my console on, it would refuse to let me sign in to Xbox Live. When I retr

GMing is hard.

I caught this little guy while goofing around in the friend safari. I would keep it for myself, but I don't have space fo

I wish I could watch myself, watching washing...

I don't know if all three of those can be in the Friend Safari, but I'm including them in my team. I could just catch

So I just beat the game, and I'll learn the third pokemon in my safari shortly. I'll edit my post once I find out wha


So I make heavy, heavy use of Conjuration as my current character. Mages tend to need meat shields so they don't get thei

People that have had Dawnguard since release can probably guess the questions I'm going to ask, probably in order. For th

Gods Eater Burst is a 90's anime trapped in a PSP game's body.


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