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Sep 23, 09 11:41pm

Gaming on Xbox LIVE

Right, so, as I live on my Xbox, I obviously have Xbox LIVE. Now, one of the few games I play online is Left 4 Dead. I used to play Halo a couple of times, but my internet was rather bad, so it cut out most of the time and I gave up.

But recently, I've noticed that when I join rounds of Versus (rarely play Campaign without friends) and pick Zoey as my starting character, I get kicked out straight away. Maybe it's because I'm playing as the girl, but sometimes when I join, I speak.

So, people who have a 360 and game online, I have a question for you: why are a lot of guys online pricks to girls who try and play?

Before, I've entered a round, notched up a quick few kills, and said "It makes sense if the Boomer stands there, so that they can get as many people as possible." Instantly, someone tried to kick me out. Their response was "I don't like you, your voice is high."
"I'm female."

I've also had it where people realise I'm a girl, and are fine with it, so I know not everyone's a douche. But seriously, has anyone on here had anything like that?

You also get the people that try and kick you out because you're too good. I'm good at L4D, it's probably my best game, and I like to play it online because it's something I enjoy and can have fun on. Before, I was owning everyone on the other team, and was the main points-earner on mine. Suddenly, someone from my team runs up behind me and starts shooting me. I got incapacitated, but revived, and then that idiot fell off a ledge. I stood over him, got him kicked out, and got bad rep for it, but it was damn worth it.

So, overall, what experiences have Neoseekers had of people on XBL?

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Soda Sep 24, 09
Some guys just don't like playing video games. They think it's a "guy thing", where they can go and get away from the hassles of girls. Others just think girls suck so they don't want to play with them.
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Starlety Apr 8, 10
Yes if I did that it would be worth it
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Gamer of the Year Apr 9, 10
Fact: 99% of Xbox Live players assume that every female on the planet was born with a horrible brain tumor that makes them completely and utterly incompetent at games. Why? Because female gamers are fairly rare.

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