someone help me out with the Harry Potter DS game? :(
Need help on Animal Crossing Wii "/
has just answered her own question... again
just got Professor Layton and Pandora's Box on the DS! =)
~ I can drive anyone insane... an thats why they all love me :)
hey i dont have this game! ive never even heard of it! BrainBoostBetaWave DS
Strangetown is very... well... strange. TheSims2 Xbox
Not too good but still okayy TheSims2Pets DS
Love this game its the best (along with a few other games) ProfessorLaytonandTheCuriousVillage DS
Good but not as good as the Wii version MarioKartDS DS
Not as good as the Wii version, but still brill AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS

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