thanks man that scyther helps a bunch now i can catch those fleeing pkmns thanks again now i can complete the first one hundred fifty part of the pokedex and stuff thanks again for the scyther
hi, Thanks for all and everyting i really like all that u gived to me.
i can train them to grow up. thank`s a lot man. u are so cool. writen by DJ DANIBOY the only on..

Hey every one you herd this song??
tinchy stryder feat n-dubz- number 1
and this one
soulja boy- kiss me thru phone
When I first met you I knew you were pretty awesome. I also can't thank you enough for all the free Pokemon you gave me. What's even better is I saw your forum and you're giving rare Pokemon out for free to others to! Anyways I just want you to know that you're pretty awesome and I think you should have everyone sign your guest book.