Merry Christmas Neoseeker! May your stockings be filled with candy from Redemption Claus!
Jarrod Dyson on the ALCS: "It's not going back to Camden"
The ALCS heads to Kauffman Stadium with a 2-0 Kansas City advantage. I'm going to be disappointed if we don't have a 1985 rematch.
But why is the rum gone?!

Ever wondered what the center of the galaxy smells like? Depending on your preference, the answer could be raspberries or rum. As improbable as this sounds, the discovery was made when astronomers from the Max Plank Institute used the IRAM radio tele...

RNG: Kicking the ass of RPG fans since 1974.
The question everyone's been asking for years is answered at last! The Crobat IS EV'd, but Mega Sableye still laughs at it.

Another day, another Mega Evolution. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have already added four Pokémon to the Mega Evolution roster, with more Mega Stones still to be discovered. Professor Birch is hard at work studying the data Brendan and May.....

Market board heroes. Putting items for sale to players for less than you make from a vendor since August 27. FinalFantasyXIV
Anybody else hit by the Watch_Dogs bug?

Despite Tuesday's Uplay troubles keeping many people out of Chicago, Watch Dogs was poised to avoid the common problem of game breaking bugs in new game releases. Unfortunately, all is not well with Chicago. Ubisoft neglected to put Aiden Pearce on.....

Happy birthday, DQ8!

It's Dragon Quest VIII's tenth anniversary today, and what better way to celebrate than making it available for everyone to play once more? Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King is now available on iOS and Android devices, making good on Squ....

Eorzea has not one, but TWO Final Fantasy II references in as many storyline quests. Well played, Square Enix! FinalFantasyXIV
Happy Easter! Unless you're Jeremy or Inhale, then happy 4/20.
I love you Mr. Avalith.
Symphonic Abyss, coffee pls. I'm back.
Put your damn phones down and help kids while you're at it. I bet Redemption couldn't make it through an hour.

Start now!Admit it, it's hard to live without your iPhone or Android these days. Whether for work, school, or pleasure, many of us spend more time on our mini computers than we do interacting with other people or reading a book. I know I'm gui...

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