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24 mins ago
HOLD IT! Phoenix is bluffing his way to victory in the courtroom again!


If you listen closely, you can hear Miles Edgeworth fangirls squealing with glee. If you're wondering why, it's because Famitsu announced Ace Attorney 6 this week. Capcom not only confirmed the announcement, but also added that the latest adventures....

Aug 28, 15 9:44am
A Borderlands movie? Please don't let it be DOOM 2.0.
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Aug 28, 15 9:40am
Guns! Guns! Guns! Marcus is taking his business from Pandora to Hollywood!


Everything's becoming a movie these days. Comic book fans have their own opinions about Marvel and DC heroes being put up on the silver screen, much like gamers have their own opinions on films like Prince of Persia or the recently released Hitman: A...

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Aug 27, 15 11:26am
Enth uses screen shot! It's super effective!


When we discussed rumors surrounding Shovel Knight's inclusion in Super Smash Bros. and him getting an amiibo yesterday, we thought it would stay a rumor at least until PAX Prime this weekend. That didn't quite happen, as UK retailer GAME accidentall...

Aug 24, 15 8:55pm
Happy birthday Hideo Kojima!
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Aug 21, 15 12:10pm
Hey guys, tell Konami what you want brought back!


Please no more Pachinko machines Konami's gotten a bit of a bad rap lately. Ever since they announced that they wanted to focus on mobile games, it seems every move they've made has been met with scrutiny or disbelief.

Aug 18, 15 9:22pm
Hey MLB, can we just skip September and start the postseason a month early? We already know the Royals are going to win the AL Central.
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Aug 11, 15 9:40pm
We still miss you, Robin!
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Aug 10, 15 9:16am
Let's settle this, mano a bat-mano.
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Aug 07, 15 8:15pm
This is why Giratina stays in ubers.


The world of Pokemon is so much more dangerous than its happy, kid-friendly aesthetic would lead you to believe: neglected children, being handed biological weapons in the guise of animals, are the protagonists. They're expected to be able to CONTROL...

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Aug 07, 15 11:32am
I didn't know I needed this.
Aug 06, 15 12:04pm
Demon Hunters? I don't think Mrs. Avalith is prepared for me to reroll...
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Aug 06, 15 11:12am


As promised, Blizzard revealed the latest World of Warcraft expansion today. And, as Illidan promised us years ago in The Burning Crusade, we were not prepared. The Burning Legion is pouring through the Tomb of Sargeras in the Broken Isles to begin t...

Aug 06, 15 8:00am
30 minutes until the WoW expac reveal!
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