15 hours ago
If I'm not around on Monday, chances are Mrs. Avalith either really loved my Valentine's Day plans or I'm dead.
Nila Avalith
Feb 04, 16 4:51am
We need a vacation to a tropical island with hammocks and warm breezes. ;)
Jan 24, 16 9:54am
Graham Nash on February 1? Looks like my dad's got a super early birthday present coming.
Jan 21, 16 10:16am
A wild teodortenchev appeared!
Avalith shared a news
Jan 20, 16 11:04am
So Lorx and Mister MacPhisto decided to have a baby... This was the result.


If you've ever wanted to read about the lore of the Dark Souls franchise but you've gotten tired of dying in the process, we've got you covered. Titan Comics and Bandai Namco have teamed up to create a Dark Souls comic book series. You'll still have....

Jan 17, 16 1:25pm
On second thought, I should install a home theater system and see if that song annoys Mrs. Avalith...
Avalith shared a video from youtube.com
Jan 17, 16 1:22pm
Between Mrs. Avalith and Symphonic Abyss, I should be good on coffee.
Jan 15, 16 2:17pm
And then there were 6. Ascii's joined the supermod ranks!
Jan 14, 16 8:12am
It's 50F in FLORIDA. Somehow this is Ren of Heavens's fault.
Avalith shared a forum thread
Jan 13, 16 1:48pm
Hey Neoseeker! Who's your favorite hero? Come show us!


http://i.neoseeker.com/mgv/320245/245/29/hero_montageu0ibbSLrft.png _Neoseeker character what?!_ Tournament. That&

Jan 13, 16 1:45pm
started a discussion titled "Neoseeker character tournament round 4: HERO FINALS" in Loungin'
Avalith shared a video from youtube.com
Jan 09, 16 5:54pm
Lesley Pro_04 is not prepared.
Jan 09, 16 2:02pm
A wild Lone Warrior appeared! :>
Jan 09, 16 11:45am
It's time for the playoff drought to come to an end. LET'S GO CHIEFS!
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