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Aug 3, 11 12:54am

Presentation (10)- SEGA has really outdone themselves in this game. The story is...

Jul 26, 11 7:25pm
Best 3D Sonic game ever. Fun gameplay with variety and the Chao mode is addicting. SonicAdventure2
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  • "By far best Sonic game on the market. No game will beat this one. SonicAdventure2"
    poppy34 Feb 25, 15 12:25pm
  • "It's gonna be on PSN! So Freaking Happy! :D SonicAdventure2"
    Ace3000 Jul 29, 12 7:02am
  • "Well, that's just sad. it's not on PSN. :'( Put it on there, Sony! SonicAdventure2"
    Ace3000 May 21, 12 4:37am
  • "When I buy some more PSN cards, I am totally gonna get this from the PlayStation Store! SonicAdventure2"
    Ace3000 Apr 19, 12 5:17am
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