Aug 30, 11 11:24am
My brother (chaoman11) wants this game ForzaMotorsport4
Aug 30, 11 11:23am
My brother (chaoman11) wants this game CallOfDutyModernWarfare3Defiance
Aug 30, 11 11:14am
Madden NFL 12: Greatest Madden ever
Aug 30, 11 3:53am
Madden NFL 12 today! So psyched!
Aug 29, 11 4:18pm
Madden NFL 12 tomorrow! So psyched!
Aug 23, 11 3:12pm
Getting ready to post some gallery images, so stay tuned! Look at the Responses for more
Austin810 blogged
Aug 15, 11 11:19am

Before reading this post, make sure to look up these jerseys so you know what I'm talking about.

I've been a Dallas Stars fan for a decade, and one of the things that I loved about this team were their jerseys. They were so beautiful and looked like nothing we've seen in the NHL. However, in August 2007, the Stars went from one of the best jerseys in the league to one of the worst. As a fan of the Dallas Stars, it's been an eyesore for me to deal with these for four years!

Home Jersey
This one is definitely the worst of the three. With that hideous DALLAS script on the chest, an ugly shade of gold, and overall just plain bland, this is DEFINITELY the worst jersey in the NHL today.

Road Jersey
This one still contains the hideous DALLAS script on the chest and it's still bland, but it contains a color that's absent in the home jersey, green! Overall, not as bad as the home jersey, but it's still abysmal.

Third Jersey
Out of the three jerseys the Stars currently have, this one is the best. Not only does it include the green and gold from the road jersey, but this is the only jersey out of the three to feature their primary logo! It's still a bland jersey, but when compared to the two jerseys above, it's the best one.

Overall, the Dallas Stars easily have the worst jerseys in the NHL. I hope that the Stars will make some changes to their jerseys. There are rumors that a green jersey is on the way, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Austin810 blogged
Aug 14, 11 5:12pm

With Sonic Generations coming out in November, I thought it would be necessary if I shared with you my top 5 Modern Sonic the Hedgehog games.

5. Sonic Heroes (GameCube)- This game is very fun. Controlling 3 characters at once seemed hard at first glance, but it really works well. Not only did it have the whole teamwork aspect, but the gameplay retained its sense of speed that we all know and love. The story wasn't as deep as past Sonic games, but it was cool to see Metal Sonic as the main antagonist. Overall, Sonic Heroes is one of the most unique Sonic games I've ever played.

4. Shadow the Hedgehog (GameCube)- This game has to be one of the most underrated Sonic games of all time. Controlling Shadow to be a hero or a villain is genius! The gameplay can be very slippery, especially when using the Homing Attack, but using over 30 weapons to destroy every living enemy in the level is awesome. Overall, a very fitting game for the black hedgehog.

3. Sonic Colors (Wii)- One of the most recent Sonic games released is a masterpiece. The new gimmick in this game are called Wisps, and man, are they fun to use! The more Wisps you unlock, the more secret areas you can find in the levels! Collecting Red Rings can be a pain sometimes, but it'll all be worth once you unlock Super Sonic! He's finally playable in stages for the first time in a 3D Sonic game! Overall, Sonic Colors is a fun and colorful adventure!

2. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) (Xbox 360)- Here we go. Here's when the Sonic fanboys start to flame me. Please, let me explain. I used to hate this game, but after giving it a second try, I loved it! The gameplay is almost similar to the Sonic Adventure games. Sure, Sonic's story can get annoying, but the other hedgehog's stories are deep and hard to understand. Overall, Sonic 06 is the most underrated Sonic game ever, and it deserves to be second on my list.

1. Sonic Adventure 2 (GameCube)- You guys knew that this was coming. Sonic Adventure 2 was my favorite 3D Sonic game of all time! The story is really deep, and will take you a while to full understand it. The gameplay is so addicting, with racing stages as Sonic & Shadow, shooting levels as Tails & Eggman, and treasure hunting levels with Knuckles & Rouge. Not only were the stages fun, the Chao are also fun and addicting. There's no end to what kind of Chao you can make! Overall, I consider Sonic Adventure 2 the greatest 3D Sonic game ever!

A Classic list will be coming soon, so stay tuned!
(No bad or offending comments, please)

xbox 360 wii
Aug 14, 11 5:08pm
Taking a break with the Red Rings. Need to learn more before then
Aug 11, 11 6:43am
Getting Red Rings in Sonic Colors today. Wish me luck!
Aug 5, 11 2:45pm
My brother (chaoman11) plays this game, so talk to him about it CallOfDutyBlackOps
Aug 5, 11 5:19am
Just found out that Madden 12 has custom uniforms! Yay!
Aug 4, 11 11:27am
My favorite so far is Sonic 1 SonicMegaCollection
Aug 4, 11 11:26am
Playing Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic Spinball SonicMegaCollection
Aug 1, 11 7:11am
Got 50 forum posts! Let the blog begin!
Jul 29, 11 5:42am
Sonic's back with fast-paced levels, the fun Wisps to use, and to play as Super Sonic in any level! Awesome game! SonicColors
Jul 28, 11 5:07am
Very fun game with fast and fun gameplay and the deep story with multiple endings. ShadowTheHedgehog
Jul 28, 11 5:06am
Not as fun as Madden 08 but its still holds the Madden name high MaddenNFL09
Jul 28, 11 5:05am
My first Madden on the 360 is a great one. MaddenNFL08
Jul 28, 11 5:04am
This is a great game but I didn't get that much fun out of it. SonicAdventureDXDirectorsCut

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