Bought Tales of Xillia 2, Crash Bandicoot 2, and Sonic Adventure!

Hey everyone, I'll be giving 2 shiny Pokemon to the 3 winners of this giveaway. :) Make sure your post count is above 10

Drunk people are funny

I was wondering how often everyone comes to back to X & Y since OR/AS were such masterpieces. Maybe for the casual wonder

Argh! This sunburn, burns!

It seems that the general concesus is that most people find Dark Souls II to be the weakest game in the Souls series. (While

Hey guys, since my internet is finally working and I'm able to log into PSn, I want to do as many Dark Souls-online thing

Time to start another wonderlocke!

Sorry for the odd wording, but I was making an article for Pokemon Rumble World and it didn't show up when I typed in the

Ok so wait.... You changed name from game over to austin?

I tried changing my current e-mail to my old one ( that I had in use a couple of months ago. But for

wait a sec...i would recognise the gif in your banner or whatever it is called anywhere...this is unfair...
Another name change? You can't decide on any of this customization stuff can you? *o* Looks good. :3
Oh my gosh, the free "Genie" update the Directv guy gave us is so awesome.

What are you guy's favorite or go-to sweet you feel the sugar bug? Mine would probably be a lollipop or something. :o (L

was gonna comment on your name change. then I saw I wasn't on your list of favorite people met on neo. and I cried
Happy Easter! Big change for today!

Since the avatar is the main hero this time around, do you guys think we'll actually have choices throughout the game tha

How do you guys feel about this? Would you rather have had a O4 2015 release or possibly just because the game isn't fini


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