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Welcome to my Neohome!

{*My recent neo-friends*}

NOTE: if you are or were one of my neofriends, and you're not in my list, it's not because I don't like you, it's because we haven't chat in a long time. I also would like to make more neofriends and chat on AIM, so PM me if you want to be neofriends.
NOTE 2: These are not in a specific order.


Nice to talk to, but don't talk as much as we use too.

Pokemon Girl

We chat a lot on PMs and MSN messenger. We share thoughts, ideas, and go-on. Pokemon Girl is one of my most greatest and closest friend ever!


Mario and I have been good friends for a long time, he even was my first ever Neo-friend and we use to talk about a lot of things. I would say he's one of my best friend, but now we rarely talk.


We use to run a GTA quiz a while back, he help me with things, and I saw that he has me to his neofriend list, so I thought I'd add him to mine. ^^


We've been friends for a while. We chat, we joke, we laugh, and all that. One of my best friend.


I chat with Dave on AIM, but sometimes don't say much. But I'd say he's one of my best friend.


I rarely talk to F1D0, but he's a good buddy.


Tyler is also one of my best friend, I chat with him on AIM quite a bit.


One of my best friend as well, we chat quite a lot on MSN messenger.

golden sun02

An old friend. Haven't talked in a while, but we use to be good friends and we both liked making banners. I'm hoping to chat with him soon like the old days.


Another banner making buddy. He makes Driver banners and I admire his work and we chat some on MSN messenger.


She was going to help me with Neohome tags, but we started chatting instead.

{*Forums I currently go to*}

Driver 4
Intellectual Exchanges
Indigo Prophecy
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
True Crime: New York City

{*My videogame collection*}

{*My banners*}

NOTE: Yes, all of the banners below and my neohome header are made by me.
NOTE 2: My top banners are my newest and my bottom banners are my oldest.
NOTICE: I've gotten a lot better haven't I?
WANTED: I also would like to know what you think of my banners. PM me for your opinions or even tips.
BTW: I make these banners and other graphics with GIMP 2.2. It's a complicated program, but you just gotta be friends with it in order for it to be friends with you.

(*My possible future car*)

STORY: This is my mom's car which she may give me in the future if my dad get's his VolksWagon bus on the road. Nice ride isn't it? On the other hand, it may turn out that I'll get my own car, because I think my mom loves this car.

Thanks for visiting my neohome!
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