New Destiny website + new info: :)

The new official website for Destiny just launched: :) Looks like there's new info

So, with CoL releasing on April 30, who's planning to get it? I am, on PS4. Not sure how much I'll be able to play

Hey everyone, I'm Aurora — very interested in The Crew and looking forward to seeing how it develops. At this st

Upcoming racer The Crew has micro-transactions — thoughts?

Source --Quote-- The Crew will feature micr

What's your impression of how the matchmaking system balances the teams? I too often find myself in the situation wher

So, why is Bound by Flame set to release on Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4, but not Xbox One? Bribes from Sony?

Source --Quote-- Watch what you post online: Ubisoft's "Watch Dogs" is using your Facebook profile against y

I read that the PS4 supports solid-state drives. Has anyone here tried this? I imagine it would have a quite significant effe

For example, try quick quoting this post. When I do that, the markup quoted is: --Quote-- --Quote Dragoon-- Hey guys!

I'm seriously considering it. I haven't touched a racing game for years, but The Crew seems to stand out in a genre t

Hi guys, Please use this thread to discuss ideas, feedback, suggestions etc. for the forum. Any one of the section mods, l Would anyone else love to see a Wipeout gam

Source --Quote-- Warhorse Studios was at GDC and they got to talking with interested parties for their non-fantasy medieva

Source --Quote-- In an interview with MCV UK, Ubisoft’s Wayne Greenwell revealed that Watch Dogs pre-orders are &

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