Anime forum caption thread!

Hi! Here's how this thread works: 1. Post witty, hi

Season 1 Thread Thread for season 2 of the Ah! My Goddess TV Series, aka Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy, aka Aa! Megami-

Thread for the first season of the TV series Ah! My Goddess aka Aa! Megami-sama!, which first aired Jan-July 2005. --Quot Does anyone else here love these

This won't apply when you watch a series as its episodes are airing, but otherwise, do you prefer to watch multiple serie

Which anime streaming services have you guys used? And how do you find that they compare with each other? I've only us --Quote-- Say "I love you". is a

Happy New Year!

Has anyone else found the download speed of updates to be pretty dismal? I have a 40mbps connection, and my uploads are d --Quote This is incredible, but dang, look at that price tag! Would be really handy

Hi everyone, Now that the second phase of the contest, in which Loungin' mods vote on the entries to select the top 10 Did she deserve dea

Has anyone here taken a Myers-Briggs personality test? If so, what was your result? There are several free tests availabl I got 67wpm with one mistake.

Come and partake in Ascii's Elder Scrolls themed Mafia game!
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