Well Aurora Angel, I saw you left. I hope that you are doing well, and life is good to you. The MFoMT forum misses you, you can count on that. Please come back and visit sometime.

Take care, and good luck in the future!
Not again!

Stay this time. You're always leaving and coming back for only a short time. D:

Well I'm pretty sure it's been a while since I last signed and I know I've made a new stamp since then so here it is:

Have a wonderful life and I hope I can talk to you soon!

~ Roxanne aka Midnight-Chan ~

Well basics, thank you for inspiring me with that Guestbook signing of yours! heh.
So yeah it's given me influence to PM aswell. i'll screeny a piccy for you showing all the PM's i replied to.
Lol, anyway you gave me a stamp, now haves mine! >3

Feh... It's old, but it has a Starfish pogeymanz on it so hopefully it's GB-worthy.
Bye bye! Oh and PM's are fun =P
Riot <3

Paramore <3 WOO!

Well hello my odd yet cakey friend.

You may be blessed by Hayley Williams now.
Hey Aurora Angel! You signed my guestbook, so I thought I would return the favor!

Just wanted to say you're an awesome person, and I hope we can become good friends!

Cake Chan,

It has been rough for us all lately hasn't it? Well a wise person once said, "You can't get to the good times without having some hardships." I know it is hard now, but you will see that it will be 3x better when it's all over. You are an awesome gal and never change. You and kiwi are my best friends and I couldn't have asked for better!
Love Always,
.: Pistachio Chan:.
Hi! It's been a while since we talked, huh?
Anyway, just dropping by to sign.
Sorry if my stamp is way ugly. Lolx.

Hope we can be better friends! XD

You can have a cookie to begin with. =D

Well, I'm on a stamping spree and decided to sign your guestbook!
{ Whether, you like it or not... Although I hope you do. }
Besides I just couldn't miss a great girl like you!

Lavender Blush; xprincezchrissyx

You better not be leaving neo...and hopefully not msn foreverz...

I miss you... T.T

.:: Stamped By Kia ::.
So not signing!

or am I? Anyways, I do believe you owe me a kiwi...or two. Maybe even 3! *cough* <_>

~Love Kia
Here I am, I'm in your guestbook and I has a stamp for you! Enjoy!

Hey! I'm on a signing spree! Thanks for signing my guestbook a while back. I should have stamped back sooner but I had no stamp. Enjoy this one! <=D

*~* Roxy *~*
Hello Crystal

;D I loved talking to you too.
I'm sorry I can't get on my MSN as much anymore.
I'll be sure to PM you whenever I can.
Thank you so much for being a great friend.

=O Get your Shiny Umbreon back! XD
This Eevee has evolved to a Flareon~

I thought I would sign since you are realy nice and are a great neo-wife.

Thanks for this account >=3

I may use it more! XD

..:.. .::. ... Msld ... .::. ..:..
Crystal! We haven't talked for a long time D;

Hope to talk to you more often! ;D

Stay Awesome~
I wanted to say to have a great day! ^^
Hope you always stay awesome! ;]

♥ Yasmin

IT didn't come on! =D

Zomg, awesome e-buddy ^..^ We need to like, get a time machine or something and make me move to hawaii instead! ^^

Wishing you a very happy Easter this year!

Wishing You A Happy Easter Aurora Angel !I hope your Easter is great and happy!Good luck egg hunting !
Now you have some Kiwiness in your GB!

Feel special, I never stamp back this fast! 8D Plus you are special, so uhh feel awesome? SHI. You're that to umm... feel...uhhh... I'll think of something...just give me sometime, check in about 100 years from now? K? k.

Thanks for signing my guestbook. Yes, you did find the right profile! oh, and btw, nice avatar. You did a really nice job on it. see you around on msn, i guess

(no stamp)
PWNsome friend... =D

You're so awesome, I know I can always talk to you about anything too! ^^