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Going to start my HoennGrandPrix this evening. Yes yes yes!
Two words, Wattson's Manectric. :/ PokemonEmerald GBA Has anyone got a nickname for you? A work colleague? I wasn't I am currently playing through Emerald and completely forgot about Vital Throw as a move. So with the 5 Pikachu costumes being announced, if you coul Very different to 1996... Isn't --Quote About the Album-- Origin of Symme

It seems like social media is a massive cog in our day to day life regime nowadays, and it is a useful tool to catch up with Pardon me if this have been posted before, but I thought I would

This new mode has been announced today, and it sounds pretty swell! --Quote Article-- - gameplay mode designed for newcome

Do any of you guys work in retail? Or maybe you have had a good/bad experience with retail? For me, I have been working i

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