amy is expert at cod
You need to promise you'll be back.
Thanks for making my moderating time rewarding and memorable, Neoseekers. :)
Thanks for all that you've done!
Are you perma-moving to Cuba? :(
We'll miss you dear <3
Happy new year, folks!
Landed in Cuba safely, woot!~
Merry Christmas, everyone! Have a good'un. :) I am sure we've all packed a suitcase, so how hard do

I'm proud to say that I am a godmother!

So folks, it's time to complain about how terrible our ID photos are. Whether it is a bus pass, college card or a driver&

Excuse the title, I had to. :O Did anyone else accidentally miss out trainers pre-Champion? I have missed out quite a lot

So whenever you go to a secret base and talk to the owner, they give you a present. I got a Jigglypuff doll the other day and

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