Has anyone had a Tomodachi Quest failure yet? I rec

First of all, thank you to @Dragoon for pointing this out. ^_^ In some of the screenshots that have been released, it has

I dropped a mannequin and said sorry to it like it was a real person. GG Amy -_-

Thank you to @Soniktts for posting about this in the Pokémon Shopping District. ^_^ This morning, I seen this I had to post this picture because ther So after a gruelling 10 year wait, it seem I know @Chaos Team@ and I hate emojis with a burning passion, but we need new recruits!

I just wanted to check if I wasn't the only one who still couldn't say particular words, after getting laughed at by

Addicted, addicted, addicted. Oh, did I mention that I was addicted? ChildOfLight PS Vita

So it is official, you’ll be able to grow Super Mushrooms, Super Stars, and Fire Flowers in the game. :O I... Could not

--Quote Nintendo Life Interview with XSEED's Yoshifumi Hashimoto-- _NL_: With the idea of ‘connecting’ such a

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