«*~♥¤§å®åh's Ńĕòhómė¤♥~*»

Hey, and welcome to my neohome. It's just from scratch as you can see. In my neohome, I will put some of my favourite photos that I took with my digital camera. It's pretty tiny it's only 4.5cm by 5cm, so some of the photos turn out blurry. It also can't zoom in either. I shrunk some of the photographs down to make it easier to load.

This is a photo of my cockatiel Pat playing with some flowers.

This is a photo of one of three baby magpies that visit my backyard. They are soo cute. You can handfeed them, and they're even cuter when you hear them in the backyard crying for food. It melts your heart lol.

This is a photo of an ibis that has started visiting my backyard. The baby magpies if the ibis goes near them get scared lol. The ibis limps, since it has something wrong with its foot.

This is a photo of a baby magpie surrounded by two adult magpies. You can also handfeed the adult magpies.

This is another photo of my cockatiel Pat playing with the flowers.

This is a photograph of my other cockatiel Rusty standing on a perch in his cage.

This is a photo of a spider in my garden. I didn't notice it was there since I was taking a photo of something else, and then nearly tripped over, since I was trying to get out of the way lol.

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