Ummm... I'm just a fourteen year old gurl from Aus, named Sarah.

My best buds as chicks, on here would have to be Amourette, Chobi, koopabrat, Luigi Number 1, Melody, and Tarepon. They are so nice, anyone who can be bothered to read this, should really get to know them!!! Hey guess what ppls who read this Chobi is back for good!!! Yay!!!


Yea, umm... don't really know what to put here sooo....

I love "trying" to skateboard with my friends, rollerblading, playing netball, and swimming.

I love sleeping over at my friend's houses, but not Dani's (team_xtreem here at neo),... she's scary... Like one time, she got out some scary movies including this movie called Halloween H20. And later on about 2:00 a.m. dressed up as the guy, she has the mask btw, and stood outside the window with a big butcher's knife, which had what looked like blood on it... It turned out be ketchup later on... Well anyways, started whispering I'm going to get you in a guy's voice, until she started screaming it... And yeah, I was heaps scared you don't expect the guy from the movie to be standing outside the window, at 2:00 a.m. in the morning holding a butcher's knife with blood on it, screaming out your name... Oh yeah I forgot to say, she comes inside, and starts shoving the knife under the "locked" door only to open it, and then start pushing the knife in your direction... I was sooo freaked! I screamed so loud, I could have woken the dead, wait... that's not exactly a good phrase to describe it lol! Where were her parents!!!

Last time I slept over at her house it was the 4/1/02, she had all these knives in her room, maybe she wanted to kill me or something... But the fold out bed would have killed me first... the legs didn't work to hold it so if anyone just leaned on it for a sec it'd collapse... so I tried to lay down on it, and it tried to eat me!!!

Last edited 7/1/03.

My msn is, so you can add me if you want.

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