Last 10 Threads started by Aura
Fashion Borne - Favourite Armour from the DLC 3 Jan 05, 2016
Level Meta Discussion 9 Jan 04, 2016
The Power of 27.2% Gemstones 7 Aug 27, 2015
Build Feedback Thread 0 Jul 23, 2015
Chalice Dungeon Treasure Glyphs 2 Jun 08, 2015
Update 1.04 Patch Notes 47 May 25, 2015
Challenge Runs 37 Apr 30, 2015
Patch 1.03 Released! 8 Apr 23, 2015
Congratulations Chelskiman! 11 Apr 12, 2015
Review a Weapon 7 Apr 11, 2015
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Regulation Version 1.09 12 Jul 04, 2016
Reds are so stupid 18 Jun 30, 2016
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Reds are so stupid 18 Jun 30, 2016
Reds are so stupid 18 Jun 20, 2016
So, what are your favorite weapons? 9 Jun 20, 2016
So, what are your favorite weapons? 9 Jun 17, 2016
Reds are so stupid 18 Jun 17, 2016
So, what are your favorite weapons? 9 Jun 17, 2016
Build help 3 Jun 16, 2016
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