I've been asked on numerous occasions the reasoning for my username changes, and it wasn't until I was recently interviewed by supreme kai, that I finally answered that question. So for any of those who missed the interview, I'm creating this blog post so that all may know. Here is the question asked, and my response:

quote supreme kai
Heading in another direction, what is it with you and changing your username?! Have you finally found your neo-identity and is this constant changing psychcode for something deeper?

quote My response
Well there is actually a meaning behind the changes, oddly enough. I changed my username to suit what I was at the time, which seemed to be quite the mutable entity. Aura Smash was of course my original username, which I see as being the way I entered Neoseeker - I smashed into it. I then changed to Evolution, and lo and behold, my Neo-identity evolved into something I didn't expect. I gained a lot of respect, and formed a lot of friendships, which I (mostly) still have. After the stage of evolving and changing, I moved onto Kaiser. A username which I saw as a representation of power. Shortly after this change I acquired positions on Neoseeker as both a NeoWiki staff member for the Breath of Fire NeoWiki, and moderator for BioShock 2. After I stepped down from both positions, and after reading a particular post of your own, I decided to change back to my original username - minus the "Smash". I became Aura, just Aura - just myself.

For the full interview click here.

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It's been some time since I last made a blog post. I got the urge to blog again while I was just relaxing, listening to a couple of albums from a band that used to be one of my favourites way back when - Cradle of Filth.

The first album I listened to from Cradle of Filth was Damnation and a Day which was released in 2003, which had some awesome tracks such as: Hurt and Virtue, Carrion, Presents from the Poison-Hearted, Doberman Pharaoh, The Smoke of Her Burning, and many more.

I wasn't a huge fan of the "screamo" style vocals (is that the correct term?), but after reading through the lyrics of the songs, I knew this was a band I liked. For about a year or so I listened to Damnation and a Day on a daily basis, and also a few tracks here and there from Cradle of Filth's other albums. Not long after, I forgot all about them and moved onto other bands and genres of music.

About a week or so ago I picked up their Nymphetamine album which was released in 2004, and the difference between this album and Damnation and a Day is HUGE (or at least I think it is). That's not to say I think one album is better or worse than the other, the change in style in some of the songs is a welcome one.

Right now I'm listening to a track called Coffin Fodder from the Nymphetamine album, and I'm absolutely loving the lyrics and the tunes. I even saw fit to take some of the lyrics and use them as my new signature, because everyone knows using song lyrics in your signature is super cool and original. XP

Just because I can, here are the lyrics of aforementioned song:

Coffin Fodder

The time has come,
To rise again.
Freedom lift thy sewered hem,
Free from beasts and skewered men.

My dreams unroll,
Ten thousand fold.
Their world will never take me,
They will never desecrate my soul.

The stars I have grasped,
Are so far lonely constellations.
And wishing on those stars,
My spirit bars annihilation.

From earthen miseries,
Hosts of most fell forms of greed,
Ghosts of pearly gate remissions.

Forever haunting me,
Slit the witch and watch him bleed,
As with any inquisition.

Lying from the start,
The preachers piled their craft.
Scoffing elder glories,
And dying, I depart.
To make their sunken hearts,
A coffin for their stories.

The time is past,
The falter when.
Freedom slips my sombre pen,
And the gates to wolves break open then.

My feelings may,
Seem constant prey.
But claws no more will rake me,
Those whores have fled to darker days.

Above and beyond,
I have wronged in my position.
But now the winds are strong,
To soar from Babel's vision.

Of cutthroat jealousies,
Dock to dock these mongrels breed,
Dogs of fogged derision.

Pacing, soon to be,
Back to pack mentality,
When my killing moon is risen.

Trying from the start,
These creatures of the dark.
Were quaffing morning glories,
And dying, I depart.
To make their drunken hearts,
A coffin for their stories.

Innovation in ovation,
Imagination stirs.

Somewhere the dusk is lining,
Red the shore of a roaring sea.
And though loved there is someone pining,
For the waves of blood to run and rescue me.

The time has come,
To rise again.
Freedom lift thy sewered hem,
Free from beasts and skewered men.

My dreams unroll,
Ten thousand fold.
Their world will never take me,
They will never desecrate my soul.

Their world will never break me,
They will never desecrate my soul.

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Well it's offical, I have now been playing video games for 20 years. I can't even remember what the first video game I ever played was now, I do remember the first console game I ever played though. Anyway back in those days we played on the Atari and Commodore 64, some of you (maybe even most of you) might not even know what that is.

19 years ago I got a Nintendo, the first ever game played on a console was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When you're 3 years old that sort of thing is pretty cool, I tried playing it again today and it just didn't have the same effect.

So that's the point of my blog, it's my 20th year of video gaming today. I don't know whether I should be proud of that fact, or whether I should hang my head in shame.

Well that's it from me.

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Well as the title implies it's my birthday today, the only thing is I don't know what to do. It's only the middle of the week so it's too early to go out partying and drinking. I was going to go scuba diving but judging by the weather, it's going to be too choppy. So that's my predicament, I need some good ideas on what to do today. Otherwise it's going to be one very boring birthday for me.