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An Interview with Aulis Vaara

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~~"As usual, we'll go over the painfully obvious questions first-- What.... Is your name!? "

My name? Well, Aulis Vaara XD. My friends should call me Aulis, although many are still a bit stuck with my old username, which I absolutely do not like.

Although I can understand the difficulty of getting used to calling someone else differently all of a sudden. Of course, for strangers it's Mr Vaara. I actually like my nick more than my real name, although I don't dislike my real name.

But as a friend and colleague/fellow student of mine said, a nickname is something of your own, a name is not, that was just given. So a nickname tells more about you than your name.

I could actually elaborate further on the meaning of names and such, but that would take us too far, so I'll just move on to the next question.

~~"User formerly known as Mole (and known to some as Molis) -- What was the inspiration for your current username? Does it have a history with you, or a special meaning?"

Well, I really needed a new nickname because you could find out too much about me with my last one. My cousin for one found some embarassing things about me (don't try to find them, you'll only scar and traumatize yourself).

So, since I really like Finland and all, I thought something based in Finnish would be good. Subsequently, I took the only Finnish first name I liked at the time and combined it with a last name I liked. I'm now uniquely identified on the web, while the first and second part are both too generic to be linked to only me.

Alright, moving on.

~~"Do you have a favorite color of sorts? Why is it appealing to you?"

Colors? Wow, there's actually a few. Though it is really limited to those few.

Black. I'm a goth, and a metalhead, so black is a pretty natural color for me to wear, with bandshirts and all that. Furthermore, black is usually rather easy on the eyes and I like that.

Red and Purple. Only, or mostly, in combination with black though, because you often need highlights or colorcombinations. They are also rather soft colors to look at on a black background, while still having sufficient contrast.

Olive and a few other types of yellowish greens. I have no idea why I like these colors, but they are very appealing to me.

Hair colors: anything but blonde, but especially red and redheads, and dark brown and black.

~~"Many of the FRP residents lovingly know you as "The Pasta God"-- However, is this actually your favorite food? XD"

Oh yes, of course. Pasta is my absolutely favorite food in the world. Going from my mother's delicious and meaty lasagne over fishy pastas to various types of vegetarian pastas.

When I make pasta, it's usually tomato sauce with a lot of veggies in it. I have really become half a vegetarian lately. Not that I really want to be one, I just realized that we really eat way to much meat in our lifetimes and that a lot of our planet's resources are used to make sure that we can have this much meat.

Wheat and rice are my primary substitutes for pasta though (just so I don't eat it ALL the time). Those are both very delicious and you should try them out, if you haven't already.

~~"Upon arriving in the Feature Role-Play forum, what were your first impressions?"

Wow, that's been so long ago. I don't think I actually remember the first time I went there. (I don't remember much most of the time anyway XD).

~~"What was the first Role-Play (feature RP or not) in which you participated in? Does it hold a special memory within your heart? Do you feel as though you've improved at all, or if you've learned from any prior mistakes?"

My first RP? Wow, that's hard to remember too. I remember two RP's at the very start.

The first was a Zelda Role-Play in the Ocarina of Time forum. I think this was actually the first I was in. I didn't participate much though, and there were few others who participated very much in it. It was also not so incredibly focused on writing. It was created by Brainiac256 is memory serves correctly, but it might be wrong, especially on the number part of the name.

The second, was a Golden Sun Role-Play in the Golden Sun forum. It was the first of its kind, though many incarnations followed. It was called ‘Quest for Power’ and was actually based on the first Golden Sun game, as the second was not out yet (yes, it was that long ago). I was a big n00b back then, but the story was actually not bad, just very thin and simple. And told in a rather horrible way. The tenth thread should still be alive somewhere in the depth of the RP-forum (after thread seven we moved there), but I'm not digging it up right now.

Of course, that second RP holds a special place in my heart, as it was the first I ever created (one that required writing anyway, not counting turn-based battles here). And I wrote in it with people I still consider to be my friends even though I haven't spoken to them in years. I really miss them, but since I have no way of contacting them, there's nothing I can do about that. A real pity. I'll also never forget the ending of the RP. I couldn't allow the bad guy to win, but I had to make it a bittersweet memory as my character died as well to defeat him.

~~"Upon over-viewing your work, I see incredible variance in your characters. Is there a certain type of character that you are most partial to?"

Really, variance? I always think there's not much variance in my characters. They usually are cute or handsome intelligent females with certain character traits similar to my own.

Ok, maybe there's more variance than I would think, but I always make them so that writing their story feels natural to me. That is the reason while I will never make a really dumb character. I don't know what they are thinking, so I can't write such a story properly.

As for what I'm most partial to. Girls, obviously, I like writing stories where girls are the main character. Preferably one carrying an Eeyore-plushie around XD. I'm actually thinking of making that my trademark.

~~"Now, with writing skills as intriguing as yours, I have to ask-- Are there any inspirations/influences on your work? Authors, actors, people in every day life... You name it."

Without a doubt there are influences, however it would be ridiculous to say that I can name them all, many influences happen subconsciously afterall.

As for influences and inspirations from authors, I would have to say that Robert Jordan's the Wheel of Time and Frank Herbert's Dune are my two favorite series and thus influence and inspire me quite a bit. Although JRR Tolkien's Middle-Earth is also a very inspiring world.

Every day life inspiration mainly comes from those I write with and from within me. As I said before, my characters all have things in common with me, this is because they are usually based on a part of me that I do not get to explore much in real life. For example, I have never had a lasting relationship and many of my characters fall in love and form a lasting relationship. Despite any problems there may be in the relationship, there is no way they are breaking up.

As for friends then. It's needless to say that when you're writing a story (or Role-Play) with someone, they inspire you to continue writing. You never know what they are going to do next, so you wonder what will happen next and thus you keep on writing your own story, molded to fit into theirs, just so you can see what happens next. That's the thing I like most about RP'ing: the seemingly endless inspiration you get from some people.

~~"On the subject of Authors and what not, do you have a favorite novel or genre?"

As stated above, Dune and the Wheel of Time are my favorite series at the moment and they represent my two favorite genres: (high) fantasy and science fiction. Although, of course I'm always open to new books an experiences.

~~" (Continuing with favorites. XD) Do you have a favorite movie?"

There are so many movies I consider my favorites, and it is quite hard to choose a single one above all the others, because of the oh so many differences between movies. Many are ingenious in their own way.

  • The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchlans: Everybody likes the muppet when they were little, at least everyone from my generation. It's just a bunch of nostalgia and cuteness, as well as the childlike innocence we are reminded of when watching such movies.

  • The Care Bears movie: Again adorably cute, nostalgic and childishly innocent. Plus the Carebearstare.

  • Winnie the Pooh: Winnie the Pooh characters are highly lovable, especially Eeyore. Not only are they lovable, they are also each very different from one another and still they get along, something which is not the case in our modern world.

  • Monsters Inc.: What an ingenious plot! Monsters scaring children for energy is just epic. It is quite hard to explain otherwise. The movie also shows us how terrible some people really are, getting more power at the cost of others. It's almost painful to know that the monster world reflects back on our own.

  • Finding Nemo: On of my favorites since it came out. A movie about fish? Who'd have thunk it. It is an epicly great movie though, and hilariously funny. It shows us that we have to trust others and let go of our fears. I especially like Dory though, despite being the greatest source of hilarity in the movie, she's also the story's saddest character. She knows like nothing, imagine how lonely she must be and how hard life is for her, not even remembering if you are or not. And yet she has such a lively and carefree personality, it really give a person warm fuzzy feelings inside.

  • The Craft: Enough with the kiddy movies already. The Craft is one of my favorites as well, dealing with magic and the consequences of abusing your power. Not to mention the beautiful women playing in the movie.

  • Serenity: I actually checked this movie out because of a joke in an internet comic. But it is one of the best science fiction movies I have ever seen. The fact that they actually made noiseless outer space scenes (as it should be) also helps a great deal. The movie has very cool characters and each one is funny and surprising in their own way. Really, I want to see the series as well, when I have the chance.

  • Monty Python: This doesn't really need an explanation I think. Holy Handgrenade, the christian in Eric the Viking, these questions three, the space ship in Life of Brian and so many other memorable moments. Truely some of the most ingenious creations of our time.

  • Juno: A nice show of what life is like. Not to mention Juno herself is very cute (since Ellen Page is very cute) and the role is played so well. It also seems very realistic and it is funny without really trying to be, in my humble opinion.

I'll just stick to those nine, although even that is going a bit overboard. Oh well.

~~"Okay! Moving on to life in general-- How is life for you in Belgium? Is the anything substantially different you would like to enlighten us onto? (Besides the drinking age thing. :( )"

Well, our educational system is vastly different, but I'm not going to bore you with that. Christianity is really becoming something of a minority here in this generation. Once there old people are gone, Catholicism is somewhat done for. Islam seems to be on the rise, according to some, but it just seems like a temporary fad to me. That'll be over in a generation or two as well.

Belgium is very diverse generally, although many areas are dangerous and I don't like walking around in those places. Especially not with a dress on. Luckily, the city where my university is located is not very violent, and I feel rather safe there. In other cities I do not feel safe, regardless of what I'm wearing.

Other than that, I don't really know what could be so different about Belgium. We generally have terrible Internet Service Providers though.

~~"If there was any place within the world that you could visit-- worry free-- where would you like to go?"

Finland of course. After having been there I only want to go back even more. I hope to live there some day, it's the country of my dreams, more or less. In any case, it's very beautiful there and the weather is very much attuned to my taste.

~~"If you could be president of the universe, what laws would you pass? (Without having to worry about congress. )"

“No travelling at above the speed of light !”

Just to bum everyone out of course. How can you get anywhere if you're not allowed to travel faster than the speed of light?

On a more serious note, I have no idea. I'm not the right person to lead a civilization, too much of a dreamer to do so and I absolutely don't know what would make a society thrive.

~~"If you can recall, did you have a childhood dream? What did you want to be when you grew up?"

I remember one dream from kindergarden, but that is too private to share with everyone on here. Few people are open-minded enough to deal with that topic. And I don't blame them for that.

Other than that I don't remember any real childhood dreams, I was never one with great hopes for the future, I still am not. I just live life from one day to the next, I don't know how else to do it. It is strange, because I always keep telling people about things I still want to do, but I never plan ahead for them, if they happen then that's much fun, but you'll rarely see me go through effort to experience something new. I'll rather do such a thing when the opportunity presents itself.

And finally, I'd rather not grow up, to be honest. With what I know now, I do not like the world much at all, I'd rather have the comfort of being a child without worries. When everything was still so simple and easy.

~~"Well, we know for certain that you're an extremely intelligent person, and you've talked a lot about certain technologies and what not. Are you planning to pursue a career in this line of work?"

Well, I am studying informatics/computer science (or whatever it is called over there). So yeah, my line of work will probably be on the frontline of computer-technology. I enjoy working with computers, although the average graphical user interface (GUI) bugs the hell out of me. I prefer being able to do everything by keyboard or just typing it up. It's much quicker once you get used to it.

Then again, while I'm pretty passionate about computers, I'm also pretty passionate about writing. So we'll have to see what the future brings.

Well, I have a few technological items, though not too many.

First and foremost is perhaps freya. For those who don't know, freya is my desktop computer. It's the first computer I actually built myself. It's not even a year old, but the hardware is considered a bit old by now. Things have grown by leaps and bounds after I put it together. Still I'm proud of her, she does her job extremely well, although I still need to finish patching her up. But for that I need to find a fitting Operating System, Ubuntu has been bugging the hell out of me since I reïnstalled it, though I still think it's going to remain that in the future, because of its frequent updates and good repositories. Still, as long as Firefox 3 does not get vimperator, I won't be too happy.

Then of course there's also skadi, my laptop. She's been serving me loyally for three years now, but the battery is ruined and the keyboard is losing it's responsiveness. On top of that, the current subnotebooks (ASUS eee pc and the like) are somewhat on par with it now, so I'm thinking of buying one of those instead. It would provide me with the same functionality.

And of course, I also still have my Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo DS. But those can hardly be mentioned.

Oh, perhaps for the fans, I have a Sony Ericsson Z530i cell phone, which is the best cell phone I've ever had. It's just really good looking and fun to use. Somehow it just feels natural in my hand.

And finally, I have a Meizu MP3 player. No idea about model numbers or anything, but it has 8GB of space, it plays video as well as music. And the two features which were most important to me, was that it could play .ogg files (an open source media container file format) and that it acted like an external harddrive and did not require software to use/exchange media files. So it also functions as my USB stick.

~~"Are there any activities that you do for recreation? Sports, games, ect."

For recreation? Well I mainly write, sometimes I really get into playing games again, but that really isn't that often. When I play games, it's usually because it's a game series I once started playing and of which I now want to know how the story ends or continues.

I try to read as much as I can, but that seems a bit laggy these days as well. Still, I hope to change that when the next school year starts.

I also try to stay tied in to a few communities, a major one being neoseeker and then especially the role-playing forums. Then there's also another two which I frequent slightly less, but those are again very private and related to the kindergarden thing from above.

I keep up with the xkcd web comic as well. So much so that I usually read the new comics on the day they come out. It brings a lot of laughter into my life.

I'm not much of a sports man, but I do hope to go folk dancing a bit more often next school year. I really didn't go often enough the past year, and it's something I enjoy doing. Plus it's a good way to meet new faces, especially female ones (the ratio is like two girls per guy or so).

Occasionally I go out with friends too, but that's rather rare, I mostly sit behind my computer at home. I'm not very sociable most of the time.

~~"Do you have any morals in which you live by?"

Morals?! What are those?

Just kidding of course. Wiccans have one golden rule. Do what you want as long as you don't harm anyone.

While that is a wonderful rule to live by, I did have to adapt it a bit to my taste. For it's more realistic, something like: Do what you want, as long as you don't harm an unwilling victim.

Although I have to say it's quite hard living up to that rule, at points, you are going to clash with different personalities and someone is often bound to get hurt, even if it is only their pride.

~~"Out of all the RP's in which you've participated in, is there a character you are most fond of? What made them so special to you?"

This will probably not come as a surprise, but Kyllikki is by far my most favored character ever. What I like so much about her? That I was able to put so much of myself in her. And I adore that fact that she carries around her Eeyore plushie and that she can be so distant from people at times while still being seen as innocent and pure. Except by L of course XD.

~~"You mentioned that you find romance a natural part of a flowing story-- Do you consider yourself to be a romanticist? Do you have a favorite love story, of sorts?"

Did you ever see Serenity? By the end of the movie, one of the characters, the doctor, mentions regretting not being with the engineer of the ship (a girl, btw) and then she said: “Screw this, I'm going to live.” Well that was hilarious and adorable at the same time. You'd have to see the scene to fully grasp its adorableness though, there's far more details to it. I like love things like that.

I can be pretty romantic myself, though at times it is also just lacking. It's weird like that, but that is also the reason why I like seeing that in movies, because it is strange to me, but it can also give me ideas. Although those things never pack out like anything you've come up with yourself.

~~"And in a continuation of romantic things, which would you prefer? A Romantic adventure in which your name will forever be remembered in the hearts of the people, or an actual romance with a person to love?"

The romance with a person, without a moment's hesitation. However long you are remembered, it is still only temporary, but at you will always remember that romance yourself.

That, and I will always prefer nails cutting into my back because of passion over some random person knowing me.

~~"You seem to have affection for the adorable Eeyore-- Is there a history behind this, or do you just love him because you can? :o"

I've been through a couple of binge/purge cycles with plushies. In middleschool and high school I had a small collection, from that time, only the Tweetys and a Gizmo (from gremlins) remain.

About one and a half year ago, I had a particularly child-like episode and I wandered into a toy-store and acquired a Lumpy and an Eeyore. I've grown verry fond of my Eeyore over that time and it is usually with me now, though I don't carry it around like Kyllikki.

My mom won me a big lion plush as well. But that one is in my chair along with my Tweeties. Once I get a double bed, they're all moving back though, now they would just fall off when I would get into the bed.

I'm hoping to have a complete Winnie the Pooh collection one day. That would be very awesome and adorable. But Eeyore will also be my favorite.

I also suppose that I see a lot of myself in Eeyore, he does remind me of myself quite frequently, at least in the episodes I remember him in.

~~"*random questions* If you could have any super power, what would it be? =D"

The ability to have all superpowers. That or omnipotence.

Did you really expect any other answer? I mean, I'm not stupid you know. If you wanted any limitations, you should've set them.

Lei: :(

~~"Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?"

That is a question for Ishi, he is the Almighty Cookie God afterall. What happens with the cookie jar is his business, not mine.

Though, if he needs help catching, punishing or torturing the perpetrator, he can always count on my help. Especially if torturing is involved, he told me he's a bit lacking in that area.

~~"And now, back to serious business.... You've been on Neo for awhile, and have earned the title of an "Oldie"-- Do you have fonder memories of the olden days? Or are there any memorable experiences that you can recall?"

The good old days? Oh yes, I have some fond memories and people I miss, as I've said before.

But the most memorable experience was surely modding. That was a lot of fun, though I was somewhat young then and so different from how I am today. Still I didn't do a bad job, except an error in judgment for picking my co-mod at one time. Actually, I never should've gotten a co-mod at all.

I managed to moderate the forum at a hundred an fifty ppd just fine, according to one of the residents anyway. But then again, it was summer, I was fourteen or fifteen and I had nothing better to do then. Besides, few bad things happened in the forum and the members generally kept it rather tidy. I only needed to actually close the wrong or finished threads and sometimes delete some posts here and there. But like I said, hardly any inappropriate stuff happened, it was a DragonballZ forum afterall, so it was just a bunch of kiddies discussing who was stronger SSJ3 Goku or Mystic Gohan.

There are more fond memories of course, but that was definitely the best one.

~~"Do you have any shout outs you would like to give?"

Stop touching my breasts!

I don't know what's worse, that I thought of that, or that I've actually ever had to say that. Life brings you strange things.

~~"Is there anything else you'd like to say, to wrap things up? ;)"

Pasta la vista!

Dude, I've slayed you once, don't make me slay you again!

Screw this, I'm gonna live!

DISCLAIMER: The second quote is from Hannah Montana. The third quote is from Serenity.

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Oh my gosh, best interview ever.

*cough* Anyway, thank you very much for your participation, Aulis. It was fun talking with and learning about the pasta god. >=3 Good job! :suikiasmile:


Drawing by Chroma




Estimated at fifteen or sixteen




Standing at five feet and two inches, she is nearly at the full height she will reach throughout her lifetime. She is not particularly small, nor particularly tall for a female. She has long somewhat curly dark brown hair, reaching about halfway her back and about midway her breasts down the front. Her eyes are a bright sparkling golden green, Her nose is small, making it look lengthy and her lips are thin and nearly the same pale color as her skin.

As a slave, she is not allowed to wear any clothing, leaving her small perky breasts only obstructed by her hair. Her nether regions however, are covered by nothing and are thus frequently a point of focus for the eyes of newly arrived recruits in Adore. One would say this would bother her, but given that she has no choice, she can only do her best to ignore it.

Because she cannot wear any clothes, she is often quite dirty, not allowed to wash herself so very often. Her hair on the other hand, is usually kept clean as her master likes it that way. Her feet and hands are rather rough because of the work she needs to do, but the rest of her seems as smooth as the skin of a new-born baby. How this is accomplished is a mystery to all.


Not Applicable


She has served her master since she started showing signs of puberty. She was sold by her former mistress because she didn't need a distraction for her other slaves. Growing females tended to do that to males.


Complete obedience. She will do anything her master commands her to. She has no hope for freedom and tries to avoid punishment.



Character for Amano Murokumo's Adore: Shades of Black.





Birth place:





Standing at only four feet and eleven inches short, one would not attribute Mieli the correct amount of years she has lived. Her face is also surprisingly youthful and aside from the top of her head, she doesn't seem to have any hair at all.

Mieli has nearly black irises and rather wild black hair that is considered short for a female person. She tends to dress equally darkly, and although the times have become somewhat darker, it still makes her stand out.

She has a tattoo of a crescent moon on her right shoulder. Her ears are pierced and she often wears small earrings matching the tattoo.

She has scars across the inside of her left arm, how or why they were created is only known to Mieli herself. On the same arm, she also has what appears to be two rings of needle puncture wounds on the upper arm.

In certain circles it is whispered that what is hidden is even worse than that which can be seen.


Mieli was born in the capital of Terra in time of Turmoil. Poverty was abundant and her parent did not have the resources to take care of her. So Mieli was sold to a wealthy family where she was raised as a servant of the family. She was a good servant, perfectly obediant and not knowing any better than her own miserable life. She was too young to realize anyway.

When she was ten years old, the family she served was killed in an extremist raid that killed dozens of families, its only purpose to show Terra that Gaea could get to them. Mieli was grabbed in the process, nothing more than a spoil of war. She was taken to Gaea where she served a new master. Despite her terrible conditions in the previous family, this new master was even worse, he beat and raped her at his leisure, yet she still didn't know any better than to let it happen. Until one night in the next year, vengeance came from Terra and her new master was killed in turn.

Once again, Mieli was nothing more than a trophy to be taken back to Terra. This time around, things got a little better, she was trained to fight and kill. Though a sword was much to heavy for her, she showed promise with varying knives, daggers and bows. She was indoctrinated to hate Gaea, but considering she didn't have a clue what Gaea or Terra were, it didn't really stick, at least not the way it should have.

By age fifteen, she was sent on her first raid into Gaea, she performed beautifully for those who trained her, but when she got back to camp, she found them all missing or slain. Puberty having kicked in by then, Mieli did not return to her training grounds or any other place she knew. No, she did whatever she felt like. She wandered the border between Gaea and Terra for a long time, where she made a living by killing rich targets in their sleep. Instead of being found out, rich people simply began to stay away from the border town, which made it harder for Mieli to survive. So eventually she sought another profession and began working in various inns, never staying very long, going from village to village. But it was not her calling, her knives kept calling out to her and after a particularly soft winter, she took up her weapons and formed a group of warriors called the Crescent Moon.

While initially looked down upon because of its many female warriors, the Crescent Moon soon made name when they won two important battles: the battle of Yusci, which annexed the formerly independent city to Terra and the battle of Cilthrim, fought after the city was taken by a radical group of Gaeans. Since those two battles, the band of warriors was seen as supporting Terra.

Despite continuing to lead the Crescent Moon, Mieli frequently disappears for unknown reasons and sometimes for prolonged periods of time. Currently, she is still away from the band, but a messenger has been sent from the king of Terra: he wants to take up the Crescent Moon into Terra's growing army as an elite commando force.


Nyx, Goddess of Night/Darkness/Shadow


A plethora of knives, daggers and a bow made from highly flexible nearly pitch-black wood. Her bow is a highly valued possession, as such a good bow is very rare to come across.

Besides the bow, she has one other highly valued weapon, a double-edged dagger, crafted with a particularly detailed and beautiful etching of a crescent moon, given to her by her fellow warriors after the battle of Yusci.


It is rumored she kills any man that tries to hit on her.

It is also rumored that entire armies of Gaea run when they see she is in the opposing army.

Mielikki: Finnish Myth name of a goddess of forests and healing, whose symbol is the unicorn. The name was derived from the word mieli which can have many meanings (desire, feeling, mind, mood, heart, pleasure), but it's central meaning is mind.

Mieli is currently unaware of her destiny and powers.

Character for Ishilar's Avatar.

Drawing by Chroma


Kyllikki Paju


Yasu Tsukino, Yuki Kurosawa (she is mostly known by this name)






Student (she'll be starting at uni once the new school year starts, currently not doing anything at all)



Death Note:


Shinigami Eyes:





Originally a blond haired girl, Yuki dyes her hair pitch black, as she really dislikes her own natural color. She has bright blue eyes, but she also covers up those with colored contacts, turning her eyes bright red and yellow, and cat-like, scaring off most people. While her face is also a bit pale -though not extremely, she just doesn't get much sunlight- it doesn't really have any unique features, though she is of course easily recognized as a foreigner.

She is roughly 5'4 tall and of a skinny build. She always wears black or gothic clothing, though not in the ‘popular’ hyped kind of way Misa Amane does. As opposed to Misa Amane, she doesn't have a cute, cheerful exterior, but a quite serious and rather sad look. Though she does wear pink tights and or underwear on occasion, making her immediately much more feminine than demonic.

Despite her ‘evil’ appearance, Yuki always walks around with her Eyore-plushie in a hand, regardless of where she goes. It is a strange sight for any other people, and it makes even more of them stay away from. She usually holds the donkey by an ear, but always makes sure nothing bad happens to it. The rest of the Winnie the Pooh gang are present in her room, sitting or lying on her bed, awaiting her return every night.


She is quite the quiet girl, especially around groups. While she can have a good conversation one-on-one, or possibly in a small group of friends, she prefers to keep silent and listen. In groups she can't even think of anything to say, although she may vehemently defend her position if someone attacks it. Though this is far from often, given her open-mindedness, she does not easily feel attacked.

Yuki is also a rather lazy person. While she has a death note, she barely uses it, only when she finds it necessary. Though when she does, her murders are always very elaborate schemes taking days to unfold, though she's never done one that took the full twenty three days. Her murders are never heart attacks, since she likes to be creative.

She is very independent, and somewhat of a rebel. If someone tries to impose an opinion on her, she'll more often than not pick the other side, if only to annoy the other person. On top of that, she no longer has a worldly sense of right and wrong, and sees death as the conclusion of life. She has no problems killing any person, as their time must be up sometime, it's ridiculous to try and fight off the inevitable. Thus she is absolutely not afraid to die either and would even welcome the chance to end this pointless existence, but in spite of that she is not suicidal and remains among the living until someone bests her or she is randomly struck down by nature, or a shinigami.

And finally, Yuki takes things the way they come, not worrying too much about the specific outcome of things, even if they are potentially dangerous to her. She's not much of a planner, and thus manages to surprise people by her improvisations in critical situations. One of the consequences of this is that she hides secrets in plain sight of others, because hiding them away would require planning.


Kyllikki was born in Finland, Europe, just over 19 years ago. She lived peacefully until after her seventeenth birthday when her parents died in a plane crash, a plane she should've been on, but wasn't because the father of her best friend had had a heart attack and died. She was taken in by her rich uncle, the man seemed to neglect her mostly however, and had only taken her in because of his political interests.

In the days that followed, she found a note, inscribed upon it the text ‘Death Note’. She didn't believe the notebook at first of course and put it aside as a good joke. But when the shinigami Noa appeared besides her, she had no choice but to admit it was real. Her first victim was her rich uncle, after a quickly debilitating disease that raged through the man for a little over two weeks, he finally succumbed in his sleep. Kyllikki inherited everything.

After a test or two more over the course of the next year, Kyllikki made plans to move to Japan, where the Kira case had just begun. No-one had yet suspected someone was behind it, though they would soon realize it. It was just a huge number of bizarre heart attacks then, but Kyllikki had known better from the start. So she donned the alias Yuki Kurosawa and using her acquired fortune, she made plans to move to Japan, she wanted to be in the middle of it, so that she could make things more interesting. After all, taking out the right person at the right time in a random accident could make all the difference in the world.


A pen. The pen is mightier than the sword.

While that is true in its own right, it's nothing compared to a pen combined with a death note.


  • Yuki loves watching cartoons, especially things like the Looney Tunes and Winnie the Pooh. Her favorite movies of all time are Monsters Inc, Tigger's Movie (sooo cute) and the Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

  • Yuki likes to sleep late because she is not a morning person.

  • Yuki hides her talking to Noa by talking to her Eyore-plushie.

  • Yuki gets little to no exercise.

  • Like most females, Yuki loves chocolate.

  • Despite killing, she still has a somewhat childish innocence about her.


  • Hiding things in plain sight.

  • Her plans can take long times to unfold, but because they are adjusted often due to her lack of planning. This makes them hard to counteract.

  • Yuki can easily figure out new technologies.

Character for Chroma's Death Note: The Shining New World.

Drawing by Chroma


Flora Imil




Flora is a beautiful young woman with a soft, often smiling face. She has a small nose and mouth, similar to, but not quite the same as thousands of other women. What sets her apart from everyone else though, are her eyes, as they glow with a bright golden light, although the intensity seems to have decreased in the last year. Her skin is surprisingly smooth, and she has no markings on her body at all, save for a rare, still healing wound here and there. Flora's hair has grown to a massive length, so to keep it in check, she has tied most of it in a long braid, that hangs down her back. Only two strands are free, hanging down either side of her face right in front of her ears. Her hair is red and orange colored, intermixing a large range of subtly different colors. Flora usually wears mainly green clothing, usually a loose skirt and shirt, although she has also been wearing tighter tops lately. She also wears a pendant given to her by her love, it is a simple yet beautiful flower with five pointy petals. The pendant was created with psynergy, but is completely made of matter, and she suspects it will never break.


Flora is one of a pair of twins who came to the past to flee their own terrible future and to hopefully change the world for the better. Flora has adapted excellently to life in this time, fighting alongside a band of powerful adepts who have shaped the world through their actions, she even became such a part of the group, that she was granted the status of Messenger by the gods, so that she too could help save Weyard. As she fought alongside this band, she eventually fell in love with another warrior named Kushluk Shimazu, a man bent on protecting the ones he cares about. She loves him with all her heart, and hopes to marry him as soon as possible, she has not left his side for over a year, going everywhere together. Even when the Messengers split up to embark upon their own quests, the two stuck together. Recently, they have been hunting for Djinn, hoping that the elemental spirits could bolster their strength while psynergy in the world is rapidly degenerating.

Adept Type:


Weapons and items:

Visse - Formarly her trusted gladius, the sword transformed into a different sword in the battle with the Golden Sun. The sword became different, bigger and stronger, yet handling equally well to her. The hilt consists of four intertwined smooth branches of wood, which end in a point at the bottom, and split up at the base of the blade. Two of these branches form a simple guard, the other two rise up on either side of the blade. The golden blade is doubly edged, and about thrice as wide as the hilt. the blade is slightly bent toward the top, but that is barely noticeable, essentially the blade is a large triangle. The metal of the blade is still engraved with the twelve runes:

ᚦ ᛇ ᚹ ᚾ ᛊ ᛏ ᛖ ᛚ ᛟ ᚷ ᛜ ᛉ

Six runes are placed on either side of the blade as a warning to anyone who might oppose the sword. Flora wields the weapon with great skill.


  • Flame of Passion: Energises the user, making him or her faster and stronger than usual.

  • Shepherd of Weyard: Flora is always connected to the world of Weyard, how she doesn't know, but it doesn't seem completely psynergy related. Even when her psynergy is bound, she can still feel the land.

  • Revive

  • Barrier: blocks anything.

  • Flashstep: teleport for sol adept, leaves a flash at the departing point, and creates a flash at the point of arrival, slightly before the user arrives.

  • Child of the Sun: allows the user to become bright and shiny, will hurt the eyes of anyone looking at the user.

  • Bright Aura: allows the user to pass positive buffs to her allies, ranging from upping their morale, to re-energizing them.

  • The Hunter: allows the user to summon a stone bow with a fiery string that can launch arrows of Sol psynergy.


  • Flower

  • Bane

  • Corona

  • Fury

Character for Ishilar's Golden Sun: The Last Battle.


Suuri Metsä










Common People


Magic User


  • Craft:

    Having been trained in the Craft ever since she can remember, Suuri is quite skilled in several elements. Though she hasn't mastered them completely, her skill with any of the elements is already higher than a human can achieve in their life time. She hates the element fire, and thus has no skill in using it, she is however, very skilled in using water, air and earth. Especially the first and the last, as those are the life-sustaining elements.

    This is the weapon of her choice.

  • Kalpa/Miekka:

    She is so skilled with the Craft, that she managed to create a perfect sword for herself. When she was much younger, she had trained with a rapier for a while, but since it was uncustomary for fairies to wield weapons, she eventually gave it up. There was of course a good reason for not using weapons, it was simply too heavy for a fairy to lift, especially if he or she tried flying. But with the Craft, she created a very lightweight weapon, which she could summon at will, so there was no burden of carrying it. The sword is wrought with all three elements she controls.

    Kalpa or Miekka, Suuri uses both names for her weapon, is a rather study blade, having something of a rapier in it, but it is much more sturdy. It is as thick as a katana, but the blade's blunt side, is straight, while its sharp side is defined by two curves, much like an elongated S. The guard is half a sphere, the rounded side upward, the flat, or rather hollow, side toward the hand. The hilt is wrapped in a piece of cloth to improve the grip Suuri has on her sword. It is essentially a single handed sword, but there is place for both of her hands, as others tend to be much stronger than her.

    This weapon is mainly intended to defend against others' weapons.


She grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, the nearest town is Kalan.


Suuri stands just over 4'10" tall, she is rather big for a fairy of course, but very small compared to any other races. She has beautiful white hair, reaching down past her shoulders, even if she does them in pigtails, they still fall below her shoulders. She doesn't do that often however, as it is something for children among the other races, instead she just wears her hair loose. Her eyes are a natural but piercing green color.

Her unique pair of wings are very large, from top to bottom, they're slightly larger than she is, and only slightly less wide. There are eight major threads in her wings, sticking out furthest, forming the vertices of a perfect octagon. Between each of the four threads on each side, there is a single smaller thread of which the upper one is the largest. There are also smaller threads above the highest and lowest major threads on each side. The wings are filled up along the threads, not filling up the room if two threads are too far away from each other. Resulting in very pointy wings that look as if she has three on each side. Her wings are yellow closest to her body, fade to purple and turn to black at the very tips of the wings.

She has a tattoo on her left arm at the shoulder, consisting of dots and curls, signifying nature. She always wears a sleeve on that arm, her hand is left free though. She has no significant marks on the rest of her body. She wears a corset on her upper body, and a skirt around her waist and legs. The length of her skirt varies from about three quarters of her legs, to too short, at least according to some of the other races. Fairies however, do not care about showing a bit too much skin, or giving others a glimpse at their underwear. If she wears a very short skirt, it is quite possible she also wears tights or stockings. She mainly uses the colors green, black and purple.


Originally of noble birth, Suuri's ancestors removed themselves from public life to live on a remote farm and tend to the surrounding woods. That was a long time ago however, and the exact details were lost in time, but the family has been happy at their farm for each successive generation. They grow vegetables and fruits and sell whatever they have to spare in Kalan. The family living at the farm has grown quite extensively through the generations, and the farm evolved with it, housing over forty members of the family. They have never had any trouble with the pures themselves -nobody goes up against a tight family of over forty Magic Users, that's just suicide- but they do not condone the Pures actions. Everything has a right to life, and nobody has the right to take that away. Yet they have always kept out of things and lived on their own secluded farm, living happily and peacefully together, welcoming anyone who may happen to visit. Some wealth also remains in the family, in the form of decorative and useful pieces at the farm, and a small stash of gold. The family doesn't really care about the gold, nor the decorative pieces, but they keep them around because they've always been there.

Suuri herself has not always been on the farm, as every member of the family, she has had the urge to go out into the world, to find a love and to gain knowledge and experience. She travelled for three years but came home single, yet with a lot of experience under her belt. Even though she had trained from her tenth to her hundred and fiftieth in the Craft, but her three years of wandering made her skill jump, practical use tended to do that for a great many skills. Other than those years, Suuri's life has been very calm, she stayed on the farm, or occasionally journeyed to Kalan for trading or selling the produce of her farm. Besides that, she tended to the surrounding woods, making them flourish. Because of this however, she has little experience in combat, though she tries to practice with Kalpa as often as she can.


Suuri Metsä means forest.

Miekka and Kalpa both mean sword.

Character for Kyinnla's Mostaki's Star.