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Aug 25, 09 1:39am

After all the hype that Guitar Hero recieved, I decided to sell many of my precious games collection (Metroid,Zelda,Mario) because they were completed and I felt that by how popular it was that I needed it.

So I bought Guitar Hero World Tour and a guitar for a expensive £70. I thought better thinking "Well, normal guitars cost more" but after the first week of rocking out, I noticed the strummer wasn't very good.

I blamed my inexperience and kept playing until the warranty finished. After that? It overstrummed, double strummed, didn't strum and it completely rendered the game unplayable.

I was pissed. After all of the hype I briefly considered getting a solder out and ordering proper working strummer switches off the internet but I decided against it.

So that was all the faith I had gone. But what I want to know is:

1) Why do NONE of the reviews say that the controllers are faulty? Drums collapsing? Faulty strummers? Broken buttons? Why don't they mention these at all? I think it's so unfair considering the price I had to pay to have it pack up like that.

2) As much as I hate to admit it, the game was fun when the strummer co-operated. But have you ever got the feeling every single post on any site regarding Dj Hero/Band Hero/Guitar Hero get the same reply? You get spammy comments on videos saying that. "DJ Hero? How about Trumpet Hero?" or "This game looks shit, I'd rather play Banjo Hero" and all sorts of shit.

I almost bet that those people haven't even played the game and are just saying it because they think they're cool for it. I have to respond to every DJ hero comment with something like "How about stfu hero?" because it gets really irritating. Members of gamespot that payed to be able to post waster their comments saying crap like that as well.

Do you get irritated by this sort of stuff as well? Thanks for reading my first blog/rant and please let me know your opinions ;).

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