Random Tiffany Tidbits
*My name is Tiffany.
*One of my favorite things to do is play Video Games.
*I am also a Computer Nerd.
*My music taste is very varied.
*I am a firm believer School Buses are orange.
*I'd give almost anything for a good laugh.
*I have the best friends on the planet.
*Dane Cook is a comical man and one of the few standup comedians I actually enjoy.
*I don't smoke.
*I love cameras.
*I am on my third Camera since September. (Picky, me)
*I managed to have 3 harddrives destroyed in ONE PC crash.
*I don't consider myself attractive. At all.
*I go through Mountain Dew like it's going out of style.
*I was the President of Video Game Club... twice.
*I HATE spending change.
*I've been to Mexico and Germany.
*I am dating a man, and a car.

This is "Cutsy" (A 1971 Cutlass S) We're in love.

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THE Tiffany: http://www.redvsblue.com/Tiffany

Favorite Games:
Xbox 360:
Mass Effect
Rock Band

Xbox: Halo
Halo 2
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

PS2: God of War
Fatal Frame 2
Metal Gear series
Soul Calibur 2

Many old games that would take too much space....
Looking Forward to:
GTA IV Huxley