Jan 23, 10 11:09pm
when u can contact me on PSN at awsm454 t thanks

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Aswm420 Jan 23, 10
1st thanks man i am getting so so tied of the jack ass's jumping on me with both feet i am afrade to post for feer of being band .

bor kicked out 4 my scrued up threads shure thay may not be SUPER and not appeal to most folks but GD it give me a break.

even if i REPLY to a post i get the same mofos bashing me trashing me and just plan posting to stear up crap.
if this keeps up i may do somting drastic . like talk to chirovette or just choose a nother name OR if i had to NEVER post again.

but many of my posts are fair to good or better than that it's the screw balls i am fed up with.

if i was a mod i would be nice to a certin point then wan them and say 3 strikes and your out. 1st strike you are band for a week 2nd strike 2 months and last strike life.

i am sorry to post like this but with my add and dislexiea i am doing me best please understand.

and again thanks for trying to do somting about the wackos out ther i honestly owe you one A BIG ONE .

if your on PSN and play MW2 i will save a spot on my clan just 4 you .

if we were close to the other then a 12 pack of tour fav soft drink would be wainting on you .

again thanks let me know if there is anything i can ever do for you