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May 1, 10 1:27am

I haven't been on recently, only now and again to check my mail. I was just kinda tied up with school and dealing with a break-up, that was a couple of weeks ago, I have a new girlfriend now and things are good but I don't know if it'll work out this time which is worrying me. I have been waiting for a reply for a job application I sent. No reply yet :/ I'm trying to get a job because I'm wanting money for games. I might be saving my money so I can buy my own PS3 because I have to share my Xbox 360 with my brothers, I did have a PS3 but it broke. I'm not looking forward to my Final Exams coming up as it means no time to myself and playing games. I want to play some games and I'm eagerly waiting for other games.

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Apr 7, 10 11:49pm
Imma let you finish but...
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Apr 7, 10 11:40pm

I have just bought GTA 4, I know I should have gotten it earlier but I didn't have any money and because my PS3 broke and I have only just gotten an XBOX 360 I didn't know whether I should get my PS3 fixed/replaced and the PS3 version or just get it for the XBOX. I got it for the XBOX because I had some money... I had £10 and went onto everyone's favourite website (sarcasm) EBAY! The game is on delivery right now and I am eagerly waiting for it, I don't know whether it was first class or second class mail but I'm hoping it's here tomorrow because my holidays are almost over :(

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Jan 28, 10 7:14pm
Rarely on anymore

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