Happy birthday Jack,hope you like the stamp!

Thanks for being an awesome friend,don't change!

Your friend,
Happy Birthday AT!

You haz bean stampd bia mee.

STAMP! You just got Hobo-stamped!
Hmmmm, apparently I must type more for this thing to be published...... STAMP x2!

Thanks for being my Wii buddy, and talking to me alot, and I wish you luck on your tempoary leader job.

Heres my stamp!
*insert stamp here*

Don't change,
Yes, u heard it, u rock dude!!!
lol, dont spend forever doin my pokemon, but i wud like them done sometime plz!
lol, im not a terrorist (hehe its DIE time for Jack!)
can u give me the address for ur cardboard box plz? how do u ahve a comp with internet in a cardboard box??? ur weird...
lol, my chair with the thumbtacks on it what are thumbtacks?
c u l8er
the creepy bio reader

you've been greenified,by the one, the only, greenpiccolodude of neoseeker.Mwahahahahahahaha

Sign back or Girafarig will eat your soul.
MUNCHLAX! Oh whatever, im too much of a loser to do anything...Im so sad that my old account got hacked...so stupid anywayz....HI...This is why I signed your GB...

Youre funny
Youre helpful
Youre funny
Youre funny
You are a good person

lolz I didn't mean to put funny 3 times >_>


Thanks For Join The Clan!
And Being The Greatest Friend You Could Ever BE!!
i watched doctor who last night its a pretty cool show! now that i signed your quest book be a bud and sign mine k? and is springfeild near newcastle cuz my gf is living there for the month lol

Hehez, Whenever you log in, Ya always make people in the clan(including me!) Laugh.

Funny Videos, Especially that Mortal Kombat LOL

Now sign my guestbook or I'll throw your DS off the top of my cardboard box!!

Such torture