So far I have the elite skins for Bucket, Val, and Lazarus. I'll either work on Hank or Maggie next, I'm not sure yet --Quote-- Patch 1.1 is said to address an iss

Looks like Evolve opened up a bit early!

There's a good bit of pictures so I'm only going to embed the monster skins, if you want to see the rest, which is mo


Do you prefer to play as the monster or as the hunters? I love the rush of being the monster, but I think I'll have to go

So I'm considering studying abroad for a semester, possibly longer depending on how it goes, and was wondering if anyone

This is an app available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone where you play a 3x matching puzzle to battle creatures from Evol --Quote-- Wraith changes: * Wraith can no lo

I am under the impression that there will be limited customization for your Witcher (am I using that right?). That said, I as

I've been watching videos of the game for a little while now, and so far I have liked what I've seen. I don't hav It will be at San Antonio, Texas fr

Streaming Evolve:

So I randomly found this game again while looking around on Steam, so I purchased it (I lost my old CD of it from years ago).

So I was finally able to do it after several "practice" attempts. Anyone else tried it yet? Once you get the hang o

Here is mine at the moment: If only I could convert some of my shards to energy. I find

Anyone else notice the new armor that came with the DLC update looks ten times better than what we've been dealing with?


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