Anyone else playing Lightning Returns?

Finished MGS (PS1) and MGS: Sons of Liberty (PS2)...I think I liked the first one more XD also just started the next game and its really hard @_@
Went to see Frozen yesterday...didn't think I would like it but it was amazing! :D
So I started playing MGS, a game I swore to always hate and never play...It's actually pretty gid haha ^^"
Think I'm gonna play some more XIII-2 tonight.

Went to see Wolf Children at the Hippodrome this morning. Room filled with bair'ns and me and my sister are bawling our eyes oot at how beautifully sad and amazing the film was. Great film, would recommend :)
Had another shot on Minecraft last night.... =_=

You try your best to get off your butt to do more exercise so you decide to go swimming, only to be told you can't because you go on the one night its closed >_
I started playing this online sim called Star Project :D Its actually pretty awesome haha
Did they just change the layout of the forums? It looks a lot cleaner now :D
I just tried to add artwork to my gallery but its not showing up....any thoughts anyone?
Also I got word that a member of this site, Vell has disappeared...Hopefully your ok and you'll be back on soon :) .
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