TKDJohnofVG Artsy
Apr 5, 09 5:11am
yo art, how have you been

i'm pretty sure you have remembered me by now

| |
| |
| |
| |
| |

whew that took a while,
hope you appreciate it
Mad Keith Artsy
Mar 24, 09 7:43pm
Best friend and Dark Bro don't forget that...EVER! so never forget best friend forever and not in a gay way lol and dn't forget that either your friend
DCKnuckles Artsy
Mar 17, 09 12:34am
Well Arts, or I should say Mr. Cool, you are the reason I've made so many friends on Neo. That fateful day when you randomly showed up to talk to the Blood Brawlers made history. You marked the beginning of the alliance that was made. Simply because u were bored. I knew from day one you would some day lead BoD and that day has come (well it came a while ago actually...). You are a great friend and the best MK I've seen. And by best I mean pure skill. Even if MK was 0.0 on the tier list you would trash as him. You done good bro.
ShadowNc Artsy
Mar 15, 09 3:55am
Artsy helped me out a lot on a brawl thread. Even though the project was scratched. I have noticed that he shares a lot of interests with me, including Sonic, Poke'mon, Mario, and some others. I think that maybe I've heard of "Mrcool" some where before. He has spent a meaningfull time on Neoseeker, and he has been one of three people to continualy back-and-forth converse with me. He is also a fan of R.O.B., but I don't have anything to say about that.
JesseTheKing Artsy
Feb 22, 09 6:42pm
hey arts i wuz bored so i signed ur guestbook,hope to brawl u soon once i get a another controller XD i have bad luck on those things. ur a great leader to BoD and i think everyone thinks so. if bb were to ever stop being alliances with u guys, i mite just have to join ur crew lol

sorry i have no stamp arts im using wii sooooo sign my guestbook to XD pleazz

~long live king,jessetheking~
SonicDude28 Artsy
Jan 10, 09 9:07pm
Hello, I'm your babe now.
Jk, but you're a decent brawler, kept me amused for a while, and I'm sure you will keep doing it anyway. So I'll sign your guestbook for that. Thank You!

Ragnell Swinger Artsy
Dec 21, 08 3:26am
*Sigh* where should I start with Art hmmmm...There's so much 2 say 2 you bro.Imma try make it short ,and sweet.Arts your like brother 2 bro.You were the first friend I ever had on neo.your warm spirit always cheers evry,and any1 up.We have been rivals 4 quite sometime now.Brawl after brawl you taught me alot,believe it or not I learned alot of 4rom you.In the back of my mind as you were co leader,I always knew that 1 day you would become leader.It's great 2 see an awesome friend like you as leader.You are ,and always be a good friend 2 me bro congrats again =).
Military G Artsy
Dec 20, 08 9:28pm

arsty your the best leader ever bro im
proud that you made it because your the best
overall your the most best friend to me on neo-seeker and pretty darn good at brawl
so just keep that in mind bro when you feel down just look at your guestbook and it will remind you of what good pals we are and make you feel better i am stamping you
Brother Artsy
Sincerly, Lucas (my real name)