gamez expert Artirtico
Feb 14, 12 3:38am
Hey Ben, its that time of year again for people to show their affections to eachother . However i've been remenising on our past year of pm's and experiences and am feeling rather slushy so this year instead of pulling a picture from the net like i usually do, i wanted to try my hand at making you something special and slushy, i hope you like it

The past year truely has been one i will never forget. All our amazing chats together, a new pm from you is the highlight of my week. You've always been there for me through the good times and the bad. Even during times when i know it must be hard for you, we still pull through and that i cant thank you enough for. Your funny and caring, and the first person i've ever truely hugged. You even put up with me for an entire week during the best time ever, i cant recall another time i felt truely happy and content than then and you did it wearing the cutest smile i've ever seen all the way through. I am so glad i finally got to meet you and i hope we can do so again in the future, i truely count myself lucky for having such a great friend as you

Thank You xx
gamez expert Artirtico
Dec 25, 11 1:19am
Merry christmas Benjy

Cant beleive another year has come and gone, and what a year it turned out to be! From stressful uni work to home and friend troubles, you've been there for me through everything and it truely means alot to me. Highlight of the year was without a doubt FINALLY meeting you at that gaming convention and staying with you that week, definatly something to do again in the future . Hope you have an epic christmas and heres wishing you an amazing year to come

gamez expert Artirtico
Feb 15, 11 10:27am
Hey Benjy tis valentines day (or atleast it was ) so i thought i'd drop you a little stamp for the occasion. You've been a great mate and i love talking to you so here's to you and thanks for everything

Lizz Artirtico
Dec 25, 10 12:36pm
Happy Christmas Arti! Here's an epic Christmas song to get you in the Christmas mood!

Here's hoping you have a wonderful Christmas, and an awesome 2011!
gamez expert Artirtico
Dec 25, 10 10:32am
Merry christmas Benjy!

Its sure been quite an eventfull year hasnt it. You've been such a good friend through everything and i truely thank you for it. We must try again to meet up for real sometime in the new year, hopefully with a little more sucess than our previous attempt . A good time to watch alien 3 and die of laughter again

Here's wishing you a fantastic day tomorow and another great year to come

Vollando Artirtico
Dec 25, 10 6:06am

You mean so much to me that I quickly threw this together in about a minute on paint, just for you! Merry Christmas *Insert Name Here* your a great friend!
Samkuro Artirtico
Dec 24, 10 7:31am

Happy Holidays
Heyy Ben, hope you have an awesome day, and a Happy New Year. Hopefully 2011 will also be awesome, what with Dynasty Warriors 7 ;P and Uncharted 3 of course xD anyways shh sam I am babbling.. *awkward dances*

from samkuro
gamez expert Artirtico
Nov 1, 10 6:12am
Tis halloween so a spooky stamp is in order, enjoy
Samkuro Artirtico
Feb 14, 10 9:24am

Happy Valentines Day, whether you are a friend or something more, this is just to let you know that you're a good friend, and I am just spreading the love to all my awesome friends xD
from SammyBoy
Boo Artirtico
Jan 18, 10 4:15am

You've been stamped, aren't you a lucky girl. =]
FourthBeat Artirtico
Dec 24, 09 7:19pm

~ All the best,
gamez expert Artirtico
Dec 24, 09 8:14am
Hey, tis the festive season again so time for the christmas stamps, mery christmas

Been great talking with you in pm and all so hope you have a great holiday
Vollando Artirtico
Aug 3, 09 9:47pm
just thought id sign ya guestbook for being a cool guy:

Samkuro Artirtico
Jul 25, 09 4:29am

Thankies for being a great neo friend and real friend XD You need to get a second controller for Little Big Planet..then you can join our rather fun times on that rather weird game XD
Corey13 Artirtico
Jun 26, 09 8:42am
I think I missed your birthday by about 30 minutes, your time, but still, HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a great day! Get anything interesting? So, you're in your 20's now? You're now officially a 20 year old pokemon fan! That's some achievement! I hope to achieve that some day Anyway, til next time, happy foruming and happy spriting!
Lone Warrior Artirtico
Mar 25, 09 4:13am
Hey yo Artirtico! Signing back after a long time:

See ya! ;>
Lauzi Artirtico
Feb 13, 09 2:48am
    Hello, Arti. :3

    I made a new stamp so I'm just going around stamping people on my neofriend list, and you are one of them. ^___^

    Enjoy! ;D

Sleva Artirtico
Feb 10, 09 10:27am
I'be been so buissy I've completely forgotten about the fact that Neoseeker had a guestbook for everyone just randomly surfing the internet without really much to do :3

Corey13 Artirtico
Jan 6, 09 2:58pm
How embarrassing, I only just read your guestbook signing then! WHOOPS! At least I wished you a Merry Christmas on time via PM! Hehe. Ah well, a very late thankyou for the signing! I don't have a stamp like everyone else, so excuse that!
Phi Artirtico
Jan 5, 09 11:00pm
I've seen you around um lets see... 3 billion forums and you signed my GB. Now It's my turn to sign yours n_n

Cloudy =P

Lizz Artirtico
Jan 1, 09 10:28am

Thanks for your message, so here is one in return.
3 wishes on new year's night, 1 for heatlh, 2 for happiness, and 3 for good luck.
Have a great 2009
Boo Artirtico
Dec 25, 08 5:53am

Yay! It's Christmas! Which calls for your stamp. (:
Oh, and a *Christmas Glomp*
Love from Boo.
FourthBeat Artirtico
Dec 25, 08 4:19am
"Happy Christmas" as you silly kids oversea like to say!
Looking forward to seeing your next masterpiece and [essay-length] messages in the future.
Oh, and by the way, just because it's Christmas, don't think I won't tear you to shreds in the TC Tournament.
Uhm, Happy Holidays! ;D

Hurricarno Artirtico
Dec 25, 08 2:43am

You better sign back!
Samkuro Artirtico
Dec 23, 08 6:50am

From Samkuro