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Aug 01, 10 4:12pm

Beta Releases of NAMFox

Earlier this morning I uploaded a beta version of NAMFox that builds upon what I've already delivered in the 1.6.3 release. I'm trying out something new here by releasing beta versions every week (as long as there is some new feature or bug fix available) to see if it helps encourage you guys to give feedback on new features so I can make them as good as possible before releasing to the public.

Of course, any beta release is optional to download. But if you do download a beta, then Firefox will always let you know when there are beta updates available every week. You can provide feedback in the same way you can today--posting threads in the appropriate NAMFox forum to report bugs or make suggestions.

The first beta release is out now: You can read the release notes at the link above. Enjoy!

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Duncan Idaho Aug 2, 10

i see its an intresting idea, but somehow i have my doubts on this