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Jul 28, 10 12:17pm

NAMFox 1.6.3 Released! Support for Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 Added

I've uploaded NAMFox 1.6.3 to the Mozilla Add-Ons site (not yet reviewed). Again, there are only a few bug fixes, including resolving the issues around Quick Edit that recent changes in Neoseeker caused. New features should be coming in the next version.

Also, this version supports Firefox 4.0 Beta 1. I know Beta 2 is now out, and if you want to disable Firefox's compatibility check and try it that's fine. However, I believe there are breaking changes which will cause it not to work. I'll keep working on this over the next couple of days.

Bug Fixes

  1. Quick edit doesn't interpret sup and sub tags correctly
  2. Memory leak in AutoComplete


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Strawberryclock Jul 29, 10
Totally excellent.
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Lynxx Jul 30, 10
    The download link takes me to version 1.6.2

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Koj Aug 2, 10
I love you...
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Lynxx Aug 4, 10
    Owait it works now!


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Anonymous Reborn Aug 13, 10