walnuts Arietta
May 17, 12 9:41pm
Vicarious Arietta
Apr 21, 12 9:31pm
Hey Vermillion! Not only are you an awesome Review author but you are an awesome friend as well. Hope you have an awesome day!
Quetzalcoatl Arietta
Mar 22, 11 9:29pm
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
Divinorse Arietta
Dec 21, 10 5:26am
To Andy,

Wow, I just can't believe it's been four years already.. You have no idea how happy I am to know that you were the first to be there for me and the first friend I ever made on NeoSeeker. I still remember that day when I came to the ACWW forum and you replied to one of my posts. : D

I will always remember the countless amount of avatar and banners you would make for me, they were always excellent and to be honest I was always jealous of your skills. Many days have passed since those times though, I have gone and left Neo, but have come back to find your still here, and for me as well.

I enjoy all the advice you give and all the dedication and work you do for me whenever I need help! I want our friendship to continue and I can't wait to keep up conversation in IM.

Thanks for being there for me, Andy. I want to wish you the best holiday and a very good new year. Lots of luck!

Be Safe,

P.S. - I will never leave again without leaving you a note. : P
Triforce of Wisdom Arietta
Aug 10, 10 7:10pm
Hey Vermillion! Well, I figured I'd come around and sign your guestbook because you seem to be a great Zelda fan like me.
You're not afraid to advertise your opinions, either, so I'm going to award you with this signing. It'll be the high point of your life, I promise you.
EHays91 Arietta
Aug 03, 10 5:30pm
Hi, very nice to meet you.
Can i just type?
cuz i really don't know how to stamp.
well good luck on catching culprates in the forum.
harvestbmg Arietta
Jul 03, 10 6:24am

You like Nightwish, too? I don't care for it anymore since Tomuos fired Tarja. It's my opinion, but Anette's singing stinks, big time! Tarja makes the world go 'round. XD
Anyway, I like all albums before The Dark Passion Play but I guess it is not that bad. :/ Ect info-Empou reminds me of a hobbit. (There I go, ranting off, again. "sigh") ~harvestbmg
Kokoro Arietta
May 21, 10 5:44am
Happy Birthday Vermillion. You are now 18 and I hope you're enjoying it.

Now here's a Japanese girl.

Sam96 Arietta
Feb 14, 10 5:35pm
Cool Profile!!!!
I Love The Anime Pics In Your Gallery!!!!
I Like The Avatar You Put!!!!
It Is Really Pretty!!!!
Do You Play The Violin????
Gray Shadow Arietta
Dec 26, 09 3:05am

MERRY CHRISTMAAAAAAS ANDY<3, and a Happy New Year :3.
Here's to hopes of an awesome Christmas and the joys brought by the New Year are in your favor. Remember that
Emiry laves you and hopes you are safe and happy for not only now, but always. Don't forget it, though she has no problem with reminding you.
Robert Ninja Arietta
Oct 03, 09 2:13am
I guess we'll be talking on MSN from now on. Signing this for... well, I have my reasons - you're cool around this place... keep your chin up. Rock on, man... rock on.
Aether Arietta
Sep 09, 09 9:43pm
Thanks so much for helping me fix my iPod. I couldn't live without it. :3

Thanks again. <3
Reah_100 Arietta
Aug 10, 09 4:54am
HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's me Reah! It was so nice to meet yuo Million's!
GrEyCrEsT Arietta
Aug 01, 09 1:11pm

min Arietta
Jul 24, 09 11:42pm
Old times, old fun, never forgotten. Never forget you were my first neofriend, see you later Andy(; Hope we can talk as much as we did back then again. Alright, take care, -min

Kokoro Arietta
May 21, 09 2:44am
Happy 17th Birthday to you, Vermillion! I hope you have a good Birthday. Have a Birthday cake.

Now doesn't that look good?
ryry Arietta
Feb 28, 09 2:43am

Your just to awesome, your smart, your polite, your just all around awesome! thanks for helpin with the stamp ^^ i know we kinda grew apart, but just know, i will always think of you as my friend ^^
Symphonic Abyss Arietta
Feb 11, 09 6:18am

Here ya go Andy!
Chad Arietta
Dec 23, 08 11:57pm
lol, hi.

Congrats on winning again. Nice looking review you wrote up there too. Hope to see more from you!

Yours always,

animalcrossing190 Arietta
Dec 23, 08 8:00pm
you are the best
you are the bomb
you put the million in vermillion
you are the best
i hope we can become good friends on neo seeker
Superslack_iz38 Arietta
Dec 03, 08 6:37am
Sorry, I have no fancy stamp or image to include in this. However I've taken your advice and sat down, took a deep breath and thought about what it was I wanted to say =)

Now I've came to the realization that I have really never talked to you outside of the congratulatory message you posted when I was promoted, which limits me greatly. Of course, you're a Tales fan! Which is great because I haven't found a great deal. I look forward to seeing you as part of the Dawn of the New World community in the future!
Mishtram Arietta
Dec 03, 08 6:36am
I know I don't do these anymore, but I find no one ever goes to the guestbooks anymore so I'm going to toss this out.

Congratulations on your recent win, Vermillion! Hope to see many more reviews from you!
InsanityS Arietta
Dec 03, 08 2:22am

Congratulations on thwarting my devious plan to dominate AoE with my mass attack of reviews.

Your review for the DS Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles games is excellent. A strong mix of typed descriptive opinions and visual media helped to paint a very clear picture of what the game is like. It's easy to see how it won the round.
DeadAssassin Arietta
Nov 22, 08 7:33pm
How is life?
The World At War forum is runing smoothly, thanks to you. Keep up the good work, and continue to keep Neo clean and "healthy". LOL

See you around the forums!
Meluv cookie Arietta
Nov 19, 08 10:22pm

My "Morlyn" stamp.
Thank you for letting me write my book. It's good that it's for everyone now as well.
You are a very fair mod who makes everyone smile
(Except when you are telling people off, then they tremble with shame) and I hope
I will add you to my friend's list as soon as I've done this!
Best wishes
meluv (call me abi )