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Jul 10, 09 10:25am

Death, Your End. What Do You Want To Happen After Wards?

Someday, a doctor will determine that my heart will stop working, and that I have my days counted. I don't want you to bury me, but rather, use my functional parts to help others.
  • GIVE MY SIGHT, to a little girl who has never enjoyed the beauty of a rainbow.
  • GIVE MY ABILITY TO SPEAK, so a little boy has the chance to scream a "gooooaaallll" in a soccer game.
  • GIVE MY ABILITY TO LISTEN, to a little girl who could never listen the wonderful sound of raindrops crashing against the glass windows.
  • GIVE MY ABILITY TO WALK, to a little girl who can't run in a beautiful and colorful field of flowers.
  • GIVE MY ABILITY TO SMILE, to a little boy who has lived in the abyss of a father that has been disappointed for everything the child has made.
  • Finally, GIVE MY ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND, so humanity can finally open their hearts to differences and accept others as their are, so masks don't become the permanent faces, and everyone can be happily ever after, with no pain and restrictions, and so people can finally avoid the law, and live by what is morally right in the heart of Earth. There be a God or not, I am waiting for the time when humanity will start living by their own thought, and by what their heart tells them.
If you ever have the need to bury something, then I leave you the prejudices and problems I have caused, so every unnecessary burden I have caused dies, with many scratches.


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BubbaDude45 Jul 22, 09
So true.

And Jesus is Lord along with his father The Lord God almighty and The Holy Spirit. The blessed trinity.
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Arietta Jul 23, 09
Alright, it seems we are kinda different with our religious views. But cool you like this blog post.