Neoseeker bug. Here's the fixed link.
A wonderful read. The real story behind Facebook Moderation and your petty reports. This is for you, "offended" people.
I text with Pikachu more often than I text all my real life friends combined. pikaftw
Developing with Facebook Open Graph = What a hell of a nightmare this crap has been!

Tekmosis tbh the best solution would be to give us more control over notifications, a solution... read more

You should. You can actually keep your badges without belonging to the communities themselves. I... read more

WOW, my.neoforum feels much cleaner and easier to navigate now. Shoulda done this eons ago. LD
About to remove around 90% of my favorite forums just so mods stop effing abusing notification bombs.

quote XxSkelterXx
Wow, they didn't see this coming??
Seriously. I refuse to believe they didn't see... read more

And while HTML is not really a programming a language, it's thanks to it I decided to learn PHP, which later made me learn C++.
Despite how I feel about Neo nowadays, I owe it for teaching me proper English and for having Neohomes, which is what made me learn HTML.
TBH, I find it interesting how I found Neo when I was a high schooler with poor English and no future, and now I co-founded a company.
"Soon in year, you will demote." - Kevin26 yolo
The reasons to get a Wii U are starting to get a little bit overwhelming.
Modern swing is the best music genre. After heavy metal, that is.

No option when your deadline is near and was always short to begin with. read more