Due to size constraint Amy had to remove the art. Here's an smaller version of it: http://bit.ly/1pqSJCa
Amy has finished drawing my art. I repeat, Amy has finished my art. And like every day, it's awesome. http://bit.ly/1t1PgOg
People who message you on Facebook and start with, "Hi, my name is...".
How big are Neo profile banners?

I wish your countdown was for my last day of college. read more

Btw. Lumiére is best loli, and I wish more characters were like her. That is all.

Yeah the exceptions are great. Can't think of many besides Clannad though. read more

Definitely anime that don't involve romance are the best.

quote tekmosis
What about a name change too?
NOT THIS YEAR, money is tight. read more

I used to change my avatar more often than I changed underwear, so they must be used to my habits. read more

Changing avatars is always fresh.
changed their avatar to avatar
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I just looked at many of my old threads in the Programming Forum. WTF young me, WTF.

Yeah 11 years to be exact. I retardedly watched Kiddy Girl first and liked it a lot.
Actually I... read more

Kiddy Grade (No, it has nothing rto do with kids). AnimeIHadToWatchEonsAgo

I want to hug Docile too. He's one of the few green cheat contributors nowadays.

/me slaps read more

Betcha you were picking some lettuces on your way home. read more

I already beat Xillia 1, but I had to get the collector's edition because that's what I do with all games I love. read more

Got my Xillia copy... But my Xillia 1 physical copy, not Xillia 2, lol.

The thing about Pikmin is that I haven't played the previous games so I'm afraid I'd be missing something. read more