"Soon in year, you will demote." - Kevin26 yolo
The reasons to get a Wii U are starting to get a little bit overwhelming.
Modern swing is the best music genre. After heavy metal, that is.

No option when your deadline is near and was always short to begin with. read more

Thank you, Pokémon X. Thanks to you I finally have the Eevee-volution team I have wanted since like 2008.
Whoever has to maintain this app code I'm writing in the future, I apologize.
likes Virtue's status update: "A guy on Route 12 just randomly gave me a Lapras lol. I love this game"
started a discussion titled "Making Money." in Pokémon X & Y

That's OK. Pikachu told me Eevee is on the wild so I can catch many .

Now I just hope there's stones. read more

If you tell me there's Eevee and Ditto in Poke X/Y, I will love you forever.
FTR, she was actually part of the AC community in the WW days. But I'm not sure if anyone remembers her.

I was shocked when I heard the news. A bit late, but Jenny, you were are really good friend to me... read more

I mean, I hadn't talked to her in the last two years, but I always knew she was physically weak. She's free of pain. RIP, Jenny.
Today I learned one of my best Neofriends, one whom I talked a lot in my early days, has passed away on August 21st. Feeling alittle bit sad
Someone please tell me there's a way I can disable notifications from communities at the very least.
Offences are taken, not given.
likes Pikachu's status update: "It's easier to be a bitch and be alone than deal with the plastics"
likes Virtue's status update: "HE. IS. PROSPEROUSSSS."
You don't have Arietta humor. Go away.
I have 100 problems, and dropping out of college would solve at least 99 of them.