I need someone with fast internet to download a 1.5 GB file for me and upload it to a different host. Any nice souls here? BTW file's legal.

We barely get anything good down here. Let me enjoy this even if Slash is gone and Axl is fat. read more

This month: Guns n' Roses concert. Next month: Therion concert. All your arguments are rendered invalid.
Sorting my files, I found very old neohomes code. Do people even use these things nowadays?
likes Pikachu's status update: "The stupidity that this place has turned into is just amazing"
likes Tenshi's status update: "Virtue Jimbotaku"
Flagman, the name change won't compensate your short size.
Virtue will eventually admit he's an Otaku. Start calling him Jimbotaku please.


BTW your lack of presence on Skype is disturbing. read more

What if I told you I returned for a while
changed their avatar to avatar

He showed me an old-ass status and decided to make this status. read more

If you don't know what Guestbooks are, you're too young.

I have Xilia, Symphonia Remake, and Xilia 2 in the meantime until this is released. But STILL can't wait. read more

can i haz neoraffle
If I buy something from Band Camp, can I redownload it as many times as I want a-la-iTunes?

You would have probably paid around the same amount.

I WILL ask you to send me something when I have more money though! read more