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I had to take a very similar survey in high school, as in, I was the one giving out the papers to... read more

There's nothing worse than having to take a survey on high school students or teenagers in... read more

likes Symphonic Abyss' status update: "Thanks, HS students, for both providing me with and completely destroying the accuracy of survey results."
Didn't notice Mario was such a slow character until I used him in Smash Run.

Welp considering nobody uses StreetPass where I live I guess I know where I will be using my hammers.
Thanks guys. read more

What's "StreetSmash"?

Nintendo has said the Wii U will have a long life, so I'm hoping we'll see interesting games in... read more

Yeahhh it is true that most people I know who bought Wii Us are selling them almost right away. read more

K, if I make magical 500$ till SSB is released for Wii U, I will get a Wii U. No questions asked.
SSB for Wii. U has a release date. And I'm just sitting here, not buying a Wii U just for one game. :'(

I was only playing on level 6, but I will take that challenge.


Master Hand and Crazy Hand turned into a shadow thing. Wtf.
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