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"Praying is like being a regular contributor to fan site forum.Constantly telling God what changes he should make to his work."-RickyGervais

LOL none of them were happy new year wishes actually.


Finally I got a bunch of notifications I care about. <3 thx Virtue, Fluidity, and Pikachu
Instead of spending money on N+, buy me name changes.
How to be romantic in German: 1) Don't.
Soy tan jarcor que me gusta escucharlos bichear.
(BTW, both dead would be perfectly fine by me hue hue hue).
Those who are saying "it's morally wrong to joke about Paul Walker's death", I hope you aren't a hypocrite when Justin Bieber dies.

So far Steins;Gate is my favorite anime of the "Semicolon" series. Let's see what Chaos;Child has to bring. read more

Mayuri is best non-loli.

PRETTY RECENTLY, yes. Hoping they announce a second seasons, and downloading that epic soundtrack. read more

HOLY COW Steins;Gate is a GREAT Anime. Chaos;Head was a pure fiasco, but Steins rawks.
Soy tan jarcor, que escribo en español cuando los foros son en inglés.
Come together, together as one. Come together, for Lucifer's son. Come together, together as one. Come together, for Lucifer's son.
IDK mah bff Jill? Virtue
Neoseeker bug. Here's the fixed link.
A wonderful read. The real story behind Facebook Moderation and your petty reports. This is for you, "offended" people.