Feb 24, 13 2:02am
What the sheet, I cannot faqing swear?

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Sakuraba Neku Feb 24, 13

SEE YOU GUYS ON 9GAG(not really)
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Charlie Feb 24, 13
If they were smart they would have done this sooner...instead of in 2013 when Neo is already dying because forums aren't that popular anymore. Maybe Neo would have a bit more activity then...More kids probably, but still.

I don't see how you can finally realize "BAN ALL THE EXPLICIT RELATED THINGS IN THE GDS AND FORUMS" (especially in Nintendo forums) after all these years. That is just really lazy and unprofessional imo. They mentioned it months ago I think, but they're finally pushing it more.

Ah well, we'll see how this all goes. Can't TOTALLY judge it right away of course. I honestly don't think it will bring anymore activity, but people DON'T need to be talking about sexual fetishes with ponies and stuff like that in GDs for kids to see.

Edit: R.I.P my forum.
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ProudLoz Feb 24, 13
Back to lurking mode! Right Amy?! 8D
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Arietta Feb 24, 13