.... That sounds like a good plan. I replaced her with Alvin so he could break Muzét shields while she healed. read more

Just played ACNL with Pikachu and Uvailable like the good ol' times.
Not like anybody cares but I actually put more than 80 hours into Xillia, making it the longest Tales game I have played.
I too could beat the hardest enemies, if I had infinite over limits, mystic artes, and Hourglass. Gayest boss battle in Tales history.
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I spent 15$ on Elize. I regret nothing.
GROW bazongas*.
If you don't eat enough you will never eat bazongas!
With those great animated scenes on Xillia, of course we will want our Tales of Xillia: The Animation someday.
Playing Tales of Xillia in the hardest difficulty without using any gels at all is just hard.
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I really like her. She's like a slightly happier Arietta, but who can't communicate with monsters (that I know of). read more

Arietta, Anise, and Elize should meet up and have some tea together or something.