Offences are taken, not given.
likes Pikachu's status update: "It's easier to be a bitch and be alone than deal with the plastics"
likes Virtue's status update: "HE. IS. PROSPEROUSSSS."
You don't have Arietta humor. Go away.
I have 100 problems, and dropping out of college would solve at least 99 of them.
If you ever make a tech company, *bleep*ing make sure your co-founders *bleep*ing know about technology. Otherwise frustration ensues.
Neoseeker, if you will add us to communities against our own will, might as well code the damned feature to leave them...
Why the heck was I added to a bunch of neocommunities I will never care about, and why the hell am I even getting unsolicited newsletters?
likes Gotenks' status update: "Congrats Justin on picking up Animal Crossing Gangs/Clans!"

Lmfao I am now sitting here in class, awake, reading Jimmy's post, and punching myself in the face... read more

added Roxas as a friend

You see, when I came to this site, my goal was exactly that: to become a moderator. I wanted to... read more

Even Virtue who is one of my closest friends reacted negatively to this status. See how he wasn't... read more

"You only live once."

Google it and you will be amused and disappointed. read more

Roxas: Okay since there's no other way to get this into you, I will just say it as it is.

I have... read more

Justify my conceited behavior?
Here's the thing: I made a joke. It offended people. With or... read more

“It's now very common to hear people say, 'I'm rather offended by that.' As if that gives them... read more

Dammit I bet Charlie would have been the only one who didn't take the last status seriously. You guys need to learn from him.