I don't hate it, but I haven't enjoyed a Mario game since 2006. Just not into it like I was when I was little. read more

I'm asking because I'm considering getting a Wii U, but really SSB and WW remake are the only two reasons I have for one.
If you had to recommend Wii U games to somebody, what would they be? They can't be Mario related, or Donkey Kong related.

Yay for having both save files. I will be able to keep my Elize as awesome as I had her on Xillia. read more

Xillia 2 released, can't play it till late December.
Hey baby, are you the Rockgagong? Because I'm headed for the butt.
likes Virtue's status update: "What am I most looking forward to coming back from vacation? Tales of Xillia 2 of course"
I won Amy's art again. You guys are supposed to look surprised and like it's something that never happened before.

quote Dark Dom
Psycho Pass was downright amazing. Highly recommended.

I loved the first arc of SAO...
read more

Moretsu Pirates was one of my favorites, but you probably won't find many people who agree with... read more

I don't remember everything I've seen in 2012, but Shin Sekai Yori is sure one of the best of that year. read more

I need someone to help me test a potential bug in the Cheats system. Anyone available? Sadly, no mods, because they get approved automtclly.

You have probably been recommended Tales of Graces F, Tales of Symphonia remake, and Tales of... read more

For reasons incomprehensible to me, Canderson wasn't on my friends list. Like WTF, man. YOU ARE MY FWEND.
added canderson as a friend

canderson THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME right when I was about to start playing ToS on my PS3. read more

Oh, them. I just know them under their Spanish name. read more

Useless filler text to send the comment through. read more

I asked my cousin who lives in the USA to pre-order it for me so she can give it to me when she... read more

Name all the moe things you can think of. Go!