I never watched The Simpsons, I just find it incredibly absurd they are willing to paralyse the streets for them. read more

My country has decided to march because they are removing The Simpsons from a local channel. I definitely need to get out of here.
Xillia 2 giving me feels, but I still think it is unnecessarily long.
For the record, Xillia 2 is really fun and interesting, but take away all the fillers and the game lasts 10 hours tops.
As much as I love Tales Of games, I honestly don't think I'll be ranking Xillia 2 very high when I beat it.
changed their avatar to avatar
Canderson has a counter for about anything. ( •_•)>⌐■-■
Finally playing Tales of Xillia 2 <3. Time to find an Elize avatar.

I'm open to suggestions as long as we don't have to drive thousands of miles to get there. read more

So I'm at McDonalds and I remember how Nintendo advertised the McDonalds hotspots. Back then wifi was scarce.

Don't really like the Disgaea games but I saw they ported Atelier Rorona, Totori, Meruru to Vira... read more

Tales of Hearts R, SAO, Sorcery Saga... Def a good purchase. I may purchase Persona 4 if I have enough Giftcards read more

I decided to get a PS Vita instead of a Wii U. So far zero regrets
Hey Miami, did you know? Winter is supposed to be cold.
Is there such a thing as a "anime store" in Florida? Orlando/Kissimmee or Miami.
Airplanes, if you would stop going missing one day before I travel on one, that would be great.
I just noticed my N+ gift comes with a namechange. Hue hue hue.